Young Laura Croiden, always thought her life was boring, and nothing fun or interesting ever happened. Then one day Laura receives two tickets, and two backstage passes from a relative for her and a friend to attend their idol's show...the great psychic...Madame Vintage. The thing is WHO is the relative whom sent these tickets, how did she know that Laura idolized Madame Vintage?, is there something Laura didn't know about Madame Vintage and herself?


5. The Show

Elizabeth and I leapt out of the car, only saying a quick bye to my mum, she had a sort of worried look on her face, I wonder why. We waved as we walked up to the grand doors of the theater, there were small crowds of people going in and out. We excitedly strode up to the ticket man, they looked at our tickets and then asked 'Oh are you the two with the backstage passes?', me and Elizabeth glanced at each other, I hadn't told Elizabeth about the passes. 'Oh yeah, here they are' I pulled both passes out to show the ticket man, he gave a nod before telling one of the staff to show us to our seats.

We were sitting in a private booth, this relative who gave me the tickets MUST be rich to afford such a grand seat. Once we were seated and given a glass of orange juice Elizabeth turned to me before excitedly whispering 'How the hell did you get backstage passes?!' I could see her excitement, she was almost off her seat with excitement.

'My relative got me them, we will be meeting Madame Vintage, and she will also be giving a free reading' I whispered, sipping my orange juice to make a non big deal out of it, even though it was a MAJOR big deal. She stared at me wide eyed, and her mouth wide open.

'OH MY GOD, are you kidding me? we're going to meet her AND get a reading, OH MY GOD, why didn't you tell me? probably so I wouldn't be buzzin' like a bee' , the one thing I did know was she would freak out and just try to make herself even prettier and fail and it would have been hectic to bring her without constantly checking out how she looks.

'Yeah, anyway it will be MAJOR cool, and maybe she can tell me where my Dad is and when he's coming home' I had missed my dad, he had gone out one morning and hadn't returned, no one knew where he was, except mum kept making up things, ugh who am I kidding he was NEVER coming back.

'Um...yeah, listen you have to let go of him, and move on... anyways who needs two parents when you have a best friend' She comfortingly chuckled to me, nudging me with a massive grin on her face. It's true Elizabeth was like my sister, she was ALWAYS there for me and we rarely spent a minute apart without texting or phoning.

I was going to reply...but the announcer announced, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats the show will be starting... NOW'.

The curtains opened, the lights dimmed, and Madame Vintage took to the stage. Elizabeth and I were in awe, we had seen picture of her, read her books, but we had never seen her in person. The show was amazing leaving me and Elizabeth in more and more awe, we just couldn't believe to have witnessed all of... THIS.

After Madame Vintage had left the stage and the curtain closed, the announcer announced 'Could the two holders of the Backstage passes please safely make their way down to the bottom of the stage, and a member of staff will collect them'. Everyone was looking about as they were leaving to see if anyone was coming down, but they were disappointed, we heard a few people stating 'I don't remember their being backstage passes available' and 'MUMMY WHY CAN'T I GO BACKSTAGE!?'. We made our way out of our little private area and made our way down to the  stage. It was empty by the time we got there but, we were super excited.

We reached the bottom of the stage, I turned to Elizabeth again ready to speak when a voice spoke, 'Are you the two backstage pass holders?', Elizabeth and I nodded before I pulled them out for proof. 'Right come this way, Madame Vintage is waiting for you both'.

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