Young Laura Croiden, always thought her life was boring, and nothing fun or interesting ever happened. Then one day Laura receives two tickets, and two backstage passes from a relative for her and a friend to attend their idol's show...the great psychic...Madame Vintage. The thing is WHO is the relative whom sent these tickets, how did she know that Laura idolized Madame Vintage?, is there something Laura didn't know about Madame Vintage and herself?


4. The Car Journey

Tonight was the night I was going to meet Madame Vintage, I was SO excited. After sitting in shock at my mum for something like 10 minutes, I had rushed up to my room to call my friend, Elizabeth. When I had told her what happened she was so excited as well and jumped at the chance, you see that's how we became practically best friends, our interest in Psychic abilities, crystals, and tarot cards, we both owned a set. We both admired Madame Vintage, so this relative that sent them, must have had a lucky guess, to know that me AND a friend would love to go to this.

I was finished getting ready, I was wearing a pair of light skinny jeans, and a nice, stylish top with my leather jacket and heels. Elizabeth was meeting me here so my mum could give us a drive to the theater.

I heard the loud secret knock we had invented. Elizabeth was here, I ran down stairs screaming 'I'll get it!' my mum had only touched the handle before backing off and letting me continue. I swung the door open, Elizabeth jumped at my sudden outburst before both of us screaming and jumping into a best friend hug. 

Elizabeth had her Blonde Hair in bouncy curls, a skater skirt, and a stylish top like mine, with her wedge trainers and a small denim jacket on. It was a lovely, warm night so we could really wear anything we wanted... as long as it was stylish and would impress Madame Vintage. 

'You girls all ready to go then?' my mum asked, she had a smile on her face knowing we would both have fun. Me and Elizabeth looked at each other and raced for the car, desperate to leave for the theater, 'I'll take that as a yes!' my mum chuckled watching us jumping into the car and buckling up ready to go.

She locked up, and slowly walked to the car, just to annoy us a little. She slowly got into the car, slowly closed the door, slowly put her seat belt, on and finally slowly started the car. Elizabeth and I were encouraging her to hurry, which only caused her to go slower, she knew she was annoying us but she needed her fun for the night.

The car journey seemed long, but me and Elizabeth kept talking about how amazing this was going to be, and how exciting it was. Finally after what felt like days, we arrived at the theater.

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