Young Laura Croiden, always thought her life was boring, and nothing fun or interesting ever happened. Then one day Laura receives two tickets, and two backstage passes from a relative for her and a friend to attend their idol's show...the great psychic...Madame Vintage. The thing is WHO is the relative whom sent these tickets, how did she know that Laura idolized Madame Vintage?, is there something Laura didn't know about Madame Vintage and herself?


1. Just the norm

Today, was just the same as EVERY day in my boring life, nothing fun or exciting happened, unlike my friends, they always had an interesting story to tell. Me on the other hand, I don't think anyone really bothers asking me anymore, it's just a dead ended conversation. People say fate would have some AMAZING plan, but really everyone else has their amazing plan, yet where was mine, what was taking fate so long to decide, I wasn't THAT special, was I? Yeah, the most boring girl on the planet... special... yeah right.

'Now class, I know it's your first day back after summer, but that doesn't mean we will be having a break. So we can get to know each other, I want you to write your name, what you look like, one thing you like, one thing you dislike, and an interesting fact about your life' Miss Wellington was new here, she came a few weeks before summer. She knew the odd trouble maker, or class clown, but that was it.

NAME: Laura Croiden

LOOKS: Short Blonde Hair, Bluey-greeney eyes

Like: Reading

Dislike: Natural Disasters

Interesting Fact:

Now I was stuck, there was nothing interesting about my life, I mean as I said before fate hadn't decided about what it wanted my life to be like. I know... I'll lie... I'll say that I can't decide because so many interesting things happen. Well I know this day seems boring but... trust me this IS everyday for me, and -no matter what fate does- I don't think it will ever change.

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