Young Laura Croiden, always thought her life was boring, and nothing fun or interesting ever happened. Then one day Laura receives two tickets, and two backstage passes from a relative for her and a friend to attend their idol's show...the great psychic...Madame Vintage. The thing is WHO is the relative whom sent these tickets, how did she know that Laura idolized Madame Vintage?, is there something Laura didn't know about Madame Vintage and herself?


9. Coming Round

'Right, Claire what happened?' I heard my Mum's voice, she sounds concerned, yet she should be I had fainted. The thing is where was I?, at the theater?, at home? I still feel weak, not strong enough to open my eyes, or even move.

'I told her I was her Aunt, which came of a shock to her, I then told her that due to our Grandmother's sister having the gift and then our Aunt, me and that she was next in line' Madame... Aunt Claire just spoke it sweet and short, basically how it happened, yet it felt longer than how short she had described. 'The thing I want to know Emily, is has she seen anything, yet not known what it is that she possesses?' she had sort of friendly yet concerned tone about her, as if me not possessing this power she speaks of would be devastating to her. 

'No Claire, she would have told me, and if she does possess this gift, then the first person she would have seen would be someone close to her... you know who I'm talking about?' someone close to me who had passed, none of my family I knew had passed, not even a close friend who was my Mum talking about?

I regained my strength, and decided to stop this conversation before it could go further. I slowly opened my eyes, sat up, and glanced at both Mum and Aunt Claire. 'Look who finally decided to come round' my Mum spoke jokingly. Aunt Claire rolled her eyes at my Mum's attempt of a joke, and gave a small smile at me.

'I brought you back here, dropping Elizabeth home on the way. Anyway, I'm going to go and leave you recovering, and I might come by tomorrow to try and help you discover your powers' she gave a brief nod to my Mum and myself, before leaving lightly closing the door behind her.

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