Young Laura Croiden, always thought her life was boring, and nothing fun or interesting ever happened. Then one day Laura receives two tickets, and two backstage passes from a relative for her and a friend to attend their idol's show...the great psychic...Madame Vintage. The thing is WHO is the relative whom sent these tickets, how did she know that Laura idolized Madame Vintage?, is there something Laura didn't know about Madame Vintage and herself?


8. Aunt Claire

I never knew I had an Aunt, I didn't know a lot about my family, but I definitely didn't know or expect a famous psychic to be MY Aunt. I felt so overwhelmed, what sort of response was I supposed to give... I felt so light headed, I had to sit down. 'NO WAY, you have to be kidding... your HER realtive?' it was Elizabeth who spoke, probably to make up for this silence, also learning her best friend's Aunt is a freaking psychic would be a LOT for her to take in, let alone me. My Aunt looked my way, 'Laura, I think you should take a seat, you look very pale, and overwhelmed by all of this. The news that may come next may be of a greater shock to you', I found a seat in the far corner, I dizzily stumbled to it before Elizabeth ran to my side to help me sit down. 'And to answer your earlier question Elizabeth, yes I am her Aunt, and the reason she did not know this is because me and her mother agreed to lose contact until I felt she was ready', wait ready... ready for what?

'Ready?, ready for what exactly?' Elizabeth was taking the words from my mouth, thank god, I felt to weak to speak.

'Through our family there has been a pattern, my Grandmother's sister had the gift, then my Aunt, and then me, the next in line Laura' my eyes widened, this was all too much to take in within an hour, I felt sick, lightheaded, dizzy. My eyesight went blurry, then dark, I had fainted.

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