Make A Scene. (One Direction Fanfiction)

Howardsville, Georgia. A small town, shown on few maps. Its days are always dark and gloomy. Lots of things happen in Howardsville. Terrible things. Scary, confusing things.

"They make a huge scene over everything!"

"They make such a big fuss! Leave it to the police!"

Emily, Janessa, Lillianne, Esmerelda, Roro, Jordan, Kendra, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. They are your average group of students at Howardsville High. Except, they arent so average. They are know as the Mystery Clique. They solve the crazy mysteries of Howardsville, Georgia.

There only clues are notes. Like these;

'Try and find her

'Say goodbye to your little friend

All the notes are signed '-RRS'

But who is this?

Who is RRS?


1. Principal Everdeen


Chaper 1: Principal Everdeen

-Emily's POV-

"Principal Everdeen has gone missing" I state, as I sit down at the table.

"WHAT!," I hear Lilliane say, as her sandwich flies out of her mouth. It goes all the way to the next table, hitting Katelyn, "Oops.."

"Wait, How do you know?" Harry asks.

"This time, i got a text.." 

"Lets us read!" Everyone shouts.

"Okay, fine. Im reading it to YOU though," I say, "Hah. Your beloved little Principal, is gone. Come and find her, you little skanks. -RRS"

I look up at everyone. Shock on their faces.

"Well, we know what that means," Roro says, "Lets meet at my house around 4?"

"Sure thing"  Janessa says as she gets up from the table.


Time for Chemistry.. 

-Hours later-

-Roro's POV-

I glance at my watch, and see '4:01' plastered across its metal surface.

"We're here!" Louis says, holding a donut in his hand.

"Donuts?," I say, "You stopped for donuts?"

"Yup" Louis says, a smile across his face. 

"Okay, well," I say, "Lets get started."




(Short First Chapter Sorry!)

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