I am a simple girl. I don't care about dresses or delicacies. I hate the guards and the cruelties they encourage. Then I met Connor. He saved my life and so I have devoted myself to the Assassins and all they stand for. My parents are strongly opposed to it, but they'd never cared about me. Until now. My name is Clara, and this is my story


9. Chapter 9

"But how could nobody know? Wars can't be secret!" Clara exclaimed

"We don't fight with guns and cannons. We kill one another in secret." Connor explained again.

He had explained the war between the Templars and Assassins to Clara. She understood the details of it, but apparently not all of them.

Clara sighed. She rubbed her arms, and in the sunlight Connor could see several small scars on them. Her side was healing nicely. She was silent for a few minutes.

"I want to join." Clara said finally.

"What?" Exclaimed Connor. This was not the reaction he had expected.

"I want to help the Assassins." She said.

"No! You could get hurt!"

"What about you? You've gotten hurt!"

"I'm doing this for my people!"

"And I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do! Besides, I can already fight well, and I can climb. I could be very useful."

"This is ridiculous!"

"You can't tell me what to do! I've saved your life on more than one occasion! If it wasn't for me, you'd be dead!"

"I find it hard to believe that someone who couldn't defend themself from a drunkard suitor would claim-"


Clara's hand flew across Connor's face as hard as anything. It left a big, red mark there, and Connor's face looked very angry.

Clara was angrier.

"How dare you mention Robert?" She hissed furiously, dangerously. "I can't believe you!" She exclaimed. Her voice was soft, like she couldn't speak louder than a whisper she was so furious. "I am going to become an Assassin, and if you don't like it you can shove it up your-"

"What's all this commotion?" Achilles asked as he walked into Clara's bedroom. Clara glared at him so hard she was surprised Achilles didn't flinch away. "Connor, what happened to your cheek?"

He looked at Clara, who looked as furious as a wasp, and then back to Connor who looked angry and quite surprised. He chuckled.

For some reason, this only made Clara angrier and she grabbed her hunting pack, stormed out of the room, past the old man and outside. She drew out her bow from her pack and strung it, not really sure what she was trying to do. When she was still living in Boston, she would go hunting whenever she became frustrated, so she supposed she would do that. She walked through the woods, but ran after she became restless. Once again, she remembered how Connor had run through the trees, just before they were captured by the British. She placed her pack on the ground and slung her bow across her back, then made her way up into one of the trees. She leapt from her branch to another tree; it was very similar to climbing buildings, and Clara soon became quite proficient at it. She saw a doe, grazing at a bush. She strung her bow and shot it, the arrow going straight through the doe's skull. It fell to the ground.

Clara smiled and jumped down through the trees. She landed softly on the grass, rolling to absorb the impact. She pulled the arrow out from the doe's head and cleaned it on the grass. She pulled her pack onto her back, then approached the deer's carcass. She heaved it up onto her shoulders, and from there it was a relatively easy walk back to the homestead. She walked in the front door, into the kitchen and dumped the doe onto the kitchen table. Achilles walked into the room, and was just about to say something when Clara plunged the knife deep into the doe's body, beginning to skin it; perhaps too deep, but Clara didn't care. Achilles promptly left the room after that.

That night they ate Clara's kill for dinner. Connor was still angry, as was Clara, and they ate in stony silence. After dinner, Connor left the house, and Achilles went into the living room. Clara followed him soon after. She saw him looking at a portrait on the wall. It had a young man, a young woman and a small child in it. Clara recognised Achilles as the young man.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't want to interrupt." Clara said.

"No, no, don't worry." He assured Clara.

"Who are they?" Clara asked, motioning towards the painting.

"My wife and son." Replied Achilles.

"Where are they now?"

Achilles' expression changed.

"Oh." Clara said.

"Their names were Abigail and Connor." Achilles said. "You remind me of my wife. She was brave, too."

"I'm not brave. I just do what has to be done." Clara said.

"That is brave." Achilles replied.

Clara sighed. "Connor told me about the Assassins." She said. "And I want to help. I want to join."

"Yes, he told me about that." Achilles chuckled.

"Will you train me?" Clara asked, hopeful.

"No! I trained Connor, and look what it got me! A few extra grey hairs."

"I'm a good student! I learn fast, and I can already handle most weapons well. I can climb trees and buildings, and I could be an advantage!" Exclaimed Clara. "Men are foolish. They think that just because a woman smiles it means they are wanting more. I could use that to our advantage, I did it before! I escaped from the British that way! People think that just because I'm a woman it means that I faint at the sight of blood, or don't like to get wet. I can use that."

Achilles stood there for several seconds, mulling it over.

"I won't train you." He said.

"Why not?" Asked Clara, getting frustrated.

"I won't train you." Achilles repeated. "But Connor will."

Clara stopped, then smiled with an evil delight.

"I will what?" Connor asked from the front door. He walked into the living room.

"You will train me to become an Assassin." Said Clara with a smug smile.

Connor looked outraged. "Why do you insist on doing this? The only thing that can come of it is death!"

"Then so be it!" Clara shouted. "I've seen so many bad things happen, all because of Templars. I want to fight back, and if I die making the world a better place," Clara got up in Connor's face, glaring at him. "so be it." She said.

Connor tried to say something but couldn't.

"I need to do this, Connor. I can take care of myself. I have skills, I can fight, and I can help." Clara said to him in a calmer tone.

Achilles nodded to Connor.

Connor sighed in a great, big, annoyed huff.

"You start tomorrow." He said. He walked upstairs, and Clara smiled broadly.

Achilles inspected her side again, which had almost healed. Her cheek was another matter. It was healing slower than her side for some reason, but Achilles was confident it would heal soon enough.

Clara went to bed, pleased she had gotten what she wanted. It would be a good opportunity to find out more information about Connor and the Assassins. Her brother, James, jumped into her thoughts and suddenly worry clouded her mind.

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