I am a simple girl. I don't care about dresses or delicacies. I hate the guards and the cruelties they encourage. Then I met Connor. He saved my life and so I have devoted myself to the Assassins and all they stand for. My parents are strongly opposed to it, but they'd never cared about me. Until now. My name is Clara, and this is my story


13. Chapter 13

Connor arrived at the homestead with Clara. She was still breathing, just, and unless he could get her to Achilles soon he knew she would die. And that was something Connor couldn't bear to think of.

"Achilles!" Roared Connor as he lifted Clara off the horse. Connor ran up to the house with Clara in his arms and Achilles appeared at the door.

"What happened?" Asked Achilles urgently.

"She was shot by a redcoat." Answered Connor quickly as they rushed into the kitchen. Achilles swept everything off the kitchen table and Connor laid Clara on the table. Achilles opened Clara's uniform and saw the gunshot wound.

"I may be able to save her. I'm not sure yet. Leave me to try, but come immediately if I call." Achilles said urgently.

My chest burns, as if it's on fire. Even though I should be screaming in pain, I can only manage one word.

"Connor!" I exclaim as my chest sends a surge of fire up my spine.

I hear running footsteps and he bursts in through the door. Through the pain, I smile, stupidly glad to see him. Connor rushes over to my bed and as my chest burns again I grab his hand, squeezing it hard as my chest sends more fire upwards.


Sorry it's a short chapter, Really haven't had a lot of time to add much today, Will do a long one later!  Elle :)

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