The Hookup

Makayla is a college student and wants to wait for that special guy, so she goes to every party on campus trying to find "Mr. Right." One night the most popular boys at the college throw a party, could one of them be her soul mate? And what happens when one of those boys "hookup" with her?


6. "Your sister seems nice..."

     Makayla's pov.

"So..." she says awkwardly, trying to start a conversation. "What's up?" "Who was that on the phone?" She sighs and chuckles, as if I just relieved the tension. "My sister, Amberlynn, the royal pest... sometimes."  "Oh. How come your parents aren't driving her over?"  She pauses and looks at me with sad eyes. "She's at the airport." She says ignoring my question. "Makayla?"  "They're in prison." She mumbles desperately avoiding my gaze at the red light we're sitting at. "What?!?! Prison? Why?!?"  "Yup. Well... they got caught... doing a drug deal. I was 14." "What happened to you and your sister?"

*Flash Back*

"Ok. I'll sell ya a pound for... oh, I guess $150." The women who I call Mom says to a customer. "That's outrageous!!" The guy says, as he shakes from the fear of my Dad, whose now holding a small pistol, and from the with drawl. "Okay, fine!" he practically yells as he gives them the money, and pulls a gun out. "Put your hands up where I can see them, Now!" He yells as cop cars surround our shack we call home. " Where are your kids?" He asks our parents. They stay silent. "Search the house." "They're gonna find us." My 9 year old sister, Amberlynn whispers, scared. "That's a good thing." I say, a bit skeptical. "We're  over here!" I yell, standing up. "Oh thank gosh you're both alright. My name is Kathy, I'm from CYS Services. I'm gonna take you to your new homes." A woman says, walking towards us. "Homes?" I ask, "As in plural?" "Yes, I'm sorry. Now we must be going." "No! I'm staying with my sister!!! If we don't go to the same house, we're not going at all!!!" I yell. How dare she tries to split us up. "Okay, let's do this the hard way, you leave me no choice." she says as she motions two police officers over. They grab us and try to put us in different cars, but we fight like hell. "NOOOO!!!!!" Amberlynn screams. "Amber!!!" I yell, screaming, punching, and kicking... biting and scratching, until I break free. I don't give it a second thought, before I run into the woods. I don't stop until I can't hear the voices. Then I just fall onto the forest ground and sob, the hardest anyone has ever cried before.

*End of Flash Back*


       Makayla's pov.

 "I don't wanna talk about it, ok?" I say, recalling the memories of living on the streets for two years until I moved to England. "That's fine." Harry says.

       Harry's pov.

 After that we just sit there in silence until we arrive at the airport. "That's my sister." She says, pointing to a girl who looks like exactly like her, only younger and jumping out of my car, running up to her.  I watch Amberlynn drop her bags and start running towards Makayla and then they embrace in a long hug.

      Makayla's pov.

 This is the moment, I've been waiting for. To hold her in my arms and grow into a woman. As I hug her tighter, rembering this moment as if it was already in the past, I think... 7 years is a long time to wait.


*Author's Note*

Awwww... So cute right? Oh  and what a horrible childhood! But they're back together after 7 years, that's good. :) Comment on, like, and fave. :P







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