The Hookup

Makayla is a college student and wants to wait for that special guy, so she goes to every party on campus trying to find "Mr. Right." One night the most popular boys at the college throw a party, could one of them be her soul mate? And what happens when one of those boys "hookup" with her?


4. Tell Her!

Harry's  pov. 

 "Dammit!" I yell, letting my guard down. Makayla hears me over the party still going on, even though it's 3 am and she walks in. She lets out a small gasp as she looks at my hand holding the ripped condom. "Makayla... I can explain...this." I say holding out the broken piece of latex in my hand. "It's a condom...and it's used, so what?" "Oh, erm.... Yeah.... I thought that you would think it's weird since I'm just standing here holding it." "Oh. Well...umm do you wanna go another round?" Shit... "Oh, yeah...let me just call my friend, Louis, erm he just broke up with his girlfriend, he's probably...I don't have to I get him if you don't want to do this..."  Please say no, please say no. "Im good." She says with a smirk on her face, "why don't we get dressed and..." She starts to say but I shut her up with a rough, passionate kiss. "Or..." I say, "We could cuddle...naked?" I ask raising an eyebrow and winking." "Stop being cheesy, Styles." She mutters, climbing under the covers. "You gonna join?" "Oh...umm...yeah." "Good" she whispers, sighing her victory. I then climb in bed with her, while she scoots her self on top of me, her knees around my waist. "Not now..." I stutter. "I'm tired." Great, I just denied the hottest, nicest and smartest girl on campus of sex. "Ok,'s just...umm new to me."  Oh, and I made her feel bad.  Good job, Styles! I think and mentally face palm myself. But instead of crying and ignoring me she cuddles closer, rolling off of me and tracing my chest with her finger. "Night, Beautiful." I whisper as I kiss her cheek, holding her tight. "Goodnight, Handsome."  And with that we fall asleep to the loud music below us.


*Author's note* 

Ok, hey everybody! I hope you guys are enjoying my fanfic! Have a great day! Comment on, like and fave please!


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