The Hookup

Makayla is a college student and wants to wait for that special guy, so she goes to every party on campus trying to find "Mr. Right." One night the most popular boys at the college throw a party, could one of them be her soul mate? And what happens when one of those boys "hookup" with her?


1. Party ;)

Makayla's pov.

     "So I heard that Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis are throwing a party...everyone's invited." I say to my best friend, Katrina. "When?" She mumbles, painting her nails. "Tonight." I whisper. I'm so excited they are literally the coolest boys on campus. "We should get ready then, shouldn't we?" She says, winking at me. We go straight to picking our outfits until we both settle on the perfect clothes. My outfit is black skinny jeans with wholes, cowboy boots, and a see-through black tank-top with lace ruffles. Katrina is a sexy school girl skirt and a black tube top with heels. "Ready?" She whispers as if letting it all sink in. "Yup." I say applying  a last bit of lipstick. We then go and get in my car and head to Harry's flat.

*10 minutes later*

 We arrive and as we walk up the steps Harry and Niall are waiting. "Hey ladies, we were wondering if you would show up." Niall says seductively. More so to Katrina than me, and Katrina takes the opportunity and rubs his bicep while saying, "Well why wouldn't we show up to the hottest party of the year?" To which he retorts, "Two hot ladies at a hot party makes a lot of sense, but... why don't you and me blow this party and hit my place." Katrina is always looking for one night stands and tomorrow she's going to wake up in bed next to him. Lucky her.... "This is my friend Makayla." She tells Harry, surprisingly not forgetting about me. "Hey Beautiful." He says in his deep, raspy voice as he takes my hand and leads me into his house and up to his room. The music is so loud and it vibrates the house. Down stairs people are laughing and screaming.  When we're in his room he checks his closet for a hormone crazed couple and then seeing that its clear swiftly walks towards the door and locks it. I watch him silently as he sits on the edge of his bed and motions me over. I tip-toe over to him, half afraid. He gently grabs my thighs, easily picking me up and making my legs straddle over his growing bulge. "Harry..." I half moan, half whisper. "I want you so badly... You can't even begin to imagine..." He mumbles, kissing my neck with his hot, full lips. 


    *iAuthor's note* 

I know almost nobody likes to comment but could you please comment and tell me what you think. Be honest please. If you don't like it, then you don't like it, but if you like it that's great! Please tell me if you want me to continue!! :) Maybe you could become a fan of me or check out my other story, "The Story of Us" Thanks! :p



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