The Hookup

Makayla is a college student and wants to wait for that special guy, so she goes to every party on campus trying to find "Mr. Right." One night the most popular boys at the college throw a party, could one of them be her soul mate? And what happens when one of those boys "hookup" with her?


2. Mr. Right

Makayla's pov. 

  "If you don't want to do this now is your chance to tell me." I'm stunned, I don't know what to say. "I.........." I start to say but quickly shut my mouth. He is the hottest guy on campus, I should be lucky since he is the one WANTING me. "Are you gonna say something?" He whispers, his lips tracing down to my collarbone, his hands tracing my sides reaching to take off my tank top. I feel heat spread through my body. "Harry." I moan. Loudly.  "Somebody's excited... You should know I feel the same way." He mumbles, now taking my rock hard nipple in his fully formed, hot lips. I get carried away in the moment of heat, and pull off his shirt. I rip away from the passionate kiss we were sharing and take control, taking my tongue and tracing his defined abs, pushing him down on the bed. He chuckles. "Am I doing something wrong?" I ask innocently, palming his erection. "No." He moans. Now it's my turn to laugh. 


Harry's pov. 

Dammit, why is she different from the other girls? Why am I letting her take control? Why am I....  Makayla interrupts my thoughts, pulling me back to reality by whispering into my ear, "I think you should know I'm a virgin." "What?" Wow, that surprises me, but instead of answering me she attacks the button and zipper on my jeans. "Slow down." I command, not wanting her to hurt herself.


*Author's Note*

Ok, so what do you think is going to happen.  Are they gonna do it or is Harry gonna make her stop after finding out she's a virgin? Comment, please! Like and add to your favorites! 


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