The Hookup

Makayla is a college student and wants to wait for that special guy, so she goes to every party on campus trying to find "Mr. Right." One night the most popular boys at the college throw a party, could one of them be her soul mate? And what happens when one of those boys "hookup" with her?


5. Amberlynn

    Makayla's pov.

 It was 10 am and i woke up in Harry's bed. He had me in his arms tightly. As i try to weave out of his arms he lets out a small, annoyed grunt and then holds on tighter. After another half hour of struggling against his strong hold, I break free. As I'm getting dresed, I realize I had forgotten all about the plans my sister, Amberlynn, and I had been making for weeks, for the 4th of July.

*Author's Note*

Sorry to intterupt the story, but you should know that Makayla is American and moved to England when she was sixteen. Amberlynn is 13, and has been in foster care for the past 7 years. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis are their curent ages, and Makayla is 18. Thanks!



      Makayla's pov. (continued)

  I quickly get dressed and leave Harry a note.


Thanks for last nght. Had a great time. ;) Here's my number...


MAK, xoxo

  Then I grab my phone and run down the stairs, dialing my sister's number. I put the phone to my ear for about two seconds before she answers. "Where the heck are you!?!?" She yells. "On my way, where are you?" "The airport, hurry up!" And with that she hangs up. "Whatever." I say to empty air. Shit, Katrina has my car.


 Harry's pov.

 "Need a lift?" I ask her, reading her mind and grabbing her hand and leading her to my car.


*Author's Note*

Sorry the chapter is so short, it's really late and i'm tired. :0 What do you guys think of Amberlynn?  Leave some feedback in the comment section! Sometimes I won't upadate that much because i have limmited time. Sorry, I just thought you guys should know. Comment on, like,  and fave! :)









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