This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Rachael White that lives in Texas. She has a single mom family with 1 older brother. One day she is on her way to Katy to visit her aunt. Justin Bieber is having a concert in Katy and Rachael is sad she is so close but can't go. But suprise strikes in the car..


3. The Concert

   I get out of my car and start walking up to the line to get in. The concert doesnt start for an hour or so but i wanted to get there early so I could get things I wanted that were for sale and to get situated.I make it up to the gate and the lady checks my purse and lets me through. Automatically I see all the stands and tons of merchandise. I get in the line before it gets to long, Once im at the front I get a tee shirt and anything else that catches my eye. I was glad my summer job pays so well so I could afford all these things. I go to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to in the middle of the concert and then get a bottle of water because I knew I was going to need it later. I get through to my seat and sit down anciously. I was all alone but I could've cared less. My phone vibrates and I see one new text from Christine. Christine is my best friend and my only one really and she is a huge Justin Bieber fan too. The text says " Hey Rach! I have a suprise wanna know what it is? ~Christie" I smile and reply back "Of course I wanna know! Whats up? ~Rachael". I just sit there waiting for her to reply back when someone comes up behind me and covers my eyes with their hands. "Suprise" Christie whispers in my ear. I jump up and shriek in excitement. "how?" I ask still not believing she was here. "well your mom got two tickets and told me I should go and suprise you, she knew it would be alot more fun for you if I was here to experience it with you" she says like it was no big deal, I on the other hand shriek and hug her tightly. She comes and sits down beside me and we start talking and talking untill. The opening act comes on. (I'm not sure who it was so just go along with me) He sings the songs and dances and talks to us a little then says goodnight and goes off stage. Now that he was finished it was dark outside and I was so excited. Then it happened, Justin came out on stage. We went through the whole concert screaming at the top of our lungs and I was so sad when it was finally over. Christine taps me on the shoulder and Shows me her phone it says "I'm staying the night at your aunts house with you and I didnt bring my car I rode a bus". I lightly laugh and give her the thumbs up. I then stop and look around there were only a few people left and I start panicking. Christie looks at me and wispers "What?" Before walking back to our seats i answer back whispering "I can't find my phone". She follows me back to our seats. By this time the last of the people are exiting the stadium I frantically look around while Christie calls it. Then I see it light up and breath a sigh of relief. I pick it up and check for damage there is none that I can see so I dust it off and put it in my pocket. We start walking out of the stadium, it's dark so it's kinda creepy but we just walk faster and head out into the parking lot. We walk around trying to find my car but we can't seem to find it. I blow out a frustrated sigh and look around once more nope no blue jeep in sight. I sit down on the sidewalk trying to think of what to do or where I parked I know it was close because I got good parking becuase I got here early. Then it hits me we exited a different way than we came out so I stand up and start walking around the building. Christie follows slowly behind me and she seems a little timid. I slow down so she catches up then I ask "Christie whats wrong?". She looks at me then back down and says "everything just looks different when its dark and i'm tired and what if we can't find your jeep". I sigh that's exactly how I feel right now kinda hopeless "it'll be okay i'm sure we're gonna find my jeep and get us to my aunts house so you can sleep" I give and encouraging smile she smiles back then her stomach growls. We both bust out in laughter and I say "and maybe get some food first". She smiles and says "that would be great". We link arms and then I see my jeep up ahead so we walk a little faster then being the clumsy blonde I trip on a crack on the sidewalk and fall down. I laugh and so does Christie she tries helping me up but we are laughing so hard she ends up falling too which makes us laugh harder. After a couple minuites I stop laughing and I wipe the tears from my face and I help Christie get up too. We get into my jeep and decide to go to chickfila yum my favorite place. We arrive there and it looks almost abandoned there were only two cars outside and one was a really nice expensive looking one. I shrug and go inside me and Christie order and she insists to pay so I let her because I know she won't give up untill I let her. We get our food and sit at a table by the indoor play area. Thats when we notice a boy that looks about our age and it was probably his mom eating with him. Me and Christie continue eating and once we finish we go play on the plaything. We may be 17 but we dont like acting like it. We make it up to the top and sit in a room and talk. Then the boy from earlier starts climbing on it like we were he had his hood up so I couldn't tell much about him but he did look nice. He climbs up to the top and sees us Thats when I get a really good look at his face it looks really familiar but I just couldnt tell with his glasses on. He smiles and oh my his smile was so perfect I loved it. "hello" he says to us "hi" i squeak back I was at a loss of words and I looked at Chrstie and she was trying to figure out who he was. "come on we gotta go" the lady yells to the boy he smiles again and replys back "one second mom". " do you guys have a name?" he asks looking at me and Christie. I didn't know what to do but apparently Christie did she stuck out her hand and said " Hello my name is Christie James and this is my friend Rachael White: she says guesturing to me. He shakes her hand then gives me another smile I smile back. "What're you guys doing in Katy?" he asks "well we came to stay the night with my aunt and we just got done with the Justin Bieber concert" I reply back smiling. "oh really ypu guys Beliebers?" he asks really interested in this topic "um yeah the biggest" Christie says smiling. "Well ladies it was a pleasure to meet you but I have to go it seems like" He winks and smiles one more time before he starts climbing down. But I stop him and say "what's your name?" He looks up at us and says "you'll find out later" before exiting. I look at Christie who has the same expression as me on her face Then she starts laughing which makes me laugh. We side down the slide and go over to check our phones. I pick mine up and underneath it was a pice of paper with a number on it. I look at the piece of paper and under it is the name guy met at chicken place. I laugh and show Christie and she laughs too. We get our purses and go out to my car. I let Christie drive while I play music off my phone and I decide to send a text to the boy. I say "Hey it's Rachael are you gonna telll me your name now?" I press send and wait for a reply. It comes almost immediately. "not yet(;" He says

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