This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Rachael White that lives in Texas. She has a single mom family with 1 older brother. One day she is on her way to Katy to visit her aunt. Justin Bieber is having a concert in Katy and Rachael is sad she is so close but can't go. But suprise strikes in the car..


8. Park

We pull up at Sonic and order food and drinks until we pull back out on the road. I notice we were heading in the wrong so I look over at Justin wondering where we were going. "Where are we going?" He just smirks and glances in my direction ignoring my question.

We pull up and I look up from my phone pressing send to answer Christie she was coming over tonight. I see a park that is almost empty and it was beautiful. I look at it in awe and then my door opens and there is Justin smiling at me holding the door open holding his hand out with the food already under a tree on top of some jackets. How long hack been sitting here? I took Justin's hand and he lead me to the jackets. I was blushing and couldn't stop smiling I could tell Justin was smiling too. We sit down and start talking and eating it was so amazing once we were done we got up and decided to walk around. As we walk around we have small touches here and there shoulders bumping and such. I really wanted to hold his hand but I didn't have the courage but I did brush our hands together a lot and each time butterfly's attacked my stomach when all the sudden a flash went off.

 Justin grabbed my hand and started sprinting I was confused but I didn't protest because I then saw the paparazzi and I started running faster barely noticing the butterfly's in my stomach. 

We reach some shack and duck in so that the paparazzi couldn't find us. I caught my breath and noticed my fingers were still interlocked with his. I try to take my hand away but Justin tightens. I look at him and he is smiling I smile at him and look down blushing. He lifts my head with his finger and looks in my eyes. He just looks at me for awhile 

He then says "I know we haven't known each other a long time but I feel like I've known you forever and I really like you. So I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?" He looked really nervous and a million thoughts went through my mind did I really want to do this? Of course I did "Yes" I say black smiling really big he looks at me not believing me but then he smiles and hugs me tight. He pulls back and all the sudden he kissed me.

A/N sorry it took me forever to update I Watson vacation here you go lovelies ~Rachael

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