This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Rachael White that lives in Texas. She has a single mom family with 1 older brother. One day she is on her way to Katy to visit her aunt. Justin Bieber is having a concert in Katy and Rachael is sad she is so close but can't go. But suprise strikes in the car..


5. Lunch

I go take a shower and decide to leave my hair naturally curly.I apply makeup lightly not wanting to wear too much. I get dressed and back downstairs and sit down on the couch next to Christine she looks over at me and smiles. I've always been so jealous of her looks and she doesn't even see how pretty she is but she is just stunning with dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes I was just the complete opposite with blonde hair and nice blue eyes that everyone seemed to adore. I smile back and she gets up right as the doorbell rings she races to the door leaving me confused it was only 11:45 and the guy wasn't supposed to show up till later. I walk up to the entry way and see Christine with her boyfriend Trey. She looks like the happiest person alive she always looks like that when he's around I know she truly loves him and the way he looks at her I know he loves her. "He was around here so I told him to come over" she looks up him after saying it and smiles very big. That makes me smile too knowing she is happy makes me because I mean that's all you ever want for your best friend is for them to be happy. I nod and say " that's great y'all have fun be back later Christie" she nods and practically runs out of the house. Now I was alone my aunt had to leave this morning for business so I had no idea what I was going to do all alone in a house with a boy. He was supposed to come for lunch and I can't cook. Now I was pacing across the floor and after what felt like 2 minutes then the door bell rang. I gather myself and take a deep breath and swing the door open.

There is the boy from the night before. He was dressed similarly to the way he was the other night. I open the door and motion him in he walks in and smiles. I smile back he just seems so sweet "Well I was left alone and I can't cook so I know you we're planning on eating here and I'm terribly sorry" I start ranting on because I'm nervous he just laughs so I stop talking "that is fine I'm not that hungry anyway we can just hang out" he smiles sweetly which automatically makes me feel less nervous and more comfortable around him I lead him upstairs and into my cousins room. I sit down on the floor with him in the middle of the room and we talk about anything and everything untill we get to the topic

I know I have to find out who he is so I bring it up we were practically like best friends now I told him everything about myself and I know a lot about him now. "So you have to tell me who you are now you are just so familiar it bothers me please" I say desperation evident in my voice. He looks at me and smiles and slowly takes off his glasses and hat. I gasp and he sticks put his hand and smiles and he says "hey I'm Justin Bieber" I smile and shake his hand. He stands up and helps me up and we go downstairs to cook some popcorn and watch a movie

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