This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Rachael White that lives in Texas. She has a single mom family with 1 older brother. One day she is on her way to Katy to visit her aunt. Justin Bieber is having a concert in Katy and Rachael is sad she is so close but can't go. But suprise strikes in the car..


2. Katy

   I made it to Katy finally it feels like i've been in the car for days. In reality it's been about 2 hours but it felt longer.

   I stop at Katy Mills Mall before actually going to my aunts house. I've always loved shopping here but we never really get to. The place I know where i'll have the best luck at is Aeropostale because that's my favorite store so I waste no time and I got straight there. I try on so many clothes before I know it, it's been an hour then finally I find the perfect outfit. A pair of shorts and a see through coral colored shirt with a white tanktop underneath. I change back and quickly check out. It's not a dressy outfit but I like it.  

   I leave the mall and head to my Aunts house. I get to the gate and enter the pin the gate opens slowly and I drive through. I start navigating through the many roads till I get to the road I was looking for. I park on the side of the road infront of my aunts house and walk up to the door. Before I could knock, the door swings open and my aunt tackles me in a tight hug. "hey!" I say out of breath from her hug. She smiles and leads me into the house. "i'll be right back" I say right before I run upstairs to my cousins room with all my bags. I walk in and throw my bags on her bed she's in college so I use her room everytime I come here. "Oh my i've missed you so much it's been way to long" my aunt exclaims as I make my way down the stairs she greets me with another tight hug so I just grunt as an answer. My aunt leads me to the kitchen where she is making coffee. The coffee finishes and we go sit out the back porch to chat for a while. After a little while I excuse myself and go get ready for the concert. First I change then I reapply makeup and re-straighten my hair. I put on some cute flats look at myself in the mirror and i know this is going to be a night to remember.


   A/N- Heys Guys what's up? well anyways i'm glad you're reading my story! i'm going to try to update once a day everday! and I know some people might not like it because they think Justin and Rachael are going to meet at the concert but that's not what's gonna happen so tune in for more Like Favorite And Comment!!! Thanks! Stay Amazing! <3  

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