This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Rachael White that lives in Texas. She has a single mom family with 1 older brother. One day she is on her way to Katy to visit her aunt. Justin Bieber is having a concert in Katy and Rachael is sad she is so close but can't go. But suprise strikes in the car..


6. Embarrassment

I wake up in my cousins bed. I then jolt up and start sprinting down the stairs. Once I make it downstairs I bump into to something and fall onto the stairs landing on my butt. I look up to see what I hit and it was a very amused Justin. I know this sounds crazy but every time I look at Justin I get butterfly's I haven't known him long but I feel like I've known him forever is it wrong to go for him? Some people might think I'm after his money or whatever but I felt the attraction before I knew who he was. My face is now cherry red and my butt is probably bruised. 

"Whoa what's going on? Where is the emergency?" Justin says smirking and holding out a hand to help me up. I take the hand and feel butterfly's erupt in my stomach again. "Well I woke up alone so I didn't know if you had left or if I just dreamed it" I said looking down and trailing off.

he lifts my chin with his pointer finger and looked into his eyesI was captivated his eyes were gorgeous and I couldn't look away. "I'm here aren't I?" He says softly. The moment was quickly shattered when my phone beeped. I sigh and pick up my phone new text from Christie I open it and it says 

Hey Rach I went home with Trey so you can head home without me XXOO ~Christie

Alright no worries ~Rachael I text back quickly and sigh I look up at Justin and say "I have to get on the road and head home now so I make it back tonight". He saddens a little but brightens up with an idea "My last show was last night so I don't have anything planned would you mind if I come home with you?" I smile I was hoping he would say that. "Not at all do you need to go pick up clothes or anything? I ask a smile covering my face. Embarrassment clearly covers his face "nope I had some clothes dropped off earlier". I giggle and run back upstairs to grab my   bags. I pick them up right as Justin walk in the room. " no no no" he says pointing at my bags I give him a confused, stupid look "wha-" he cut me off by putting his pointer finger to my lips and takes the bags out of my hand and walks out of the room back down the stairs leaving me dumbfounded in the room. 

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