He Left Me and I'm Over Him

Hi my name is Marie Alton..... and Harry Styles is my ex-best friend. He left me without saying goodbye, no calls, texts, or letters. He was gone, and I had to get over him.


5. What Happened

 (Back from the store Marie's pov)

            "Sooo, what happened" Harry said when we got back. "I don't understand Harry" I said as I raised my eyebrow. "You've changed" he said to me. "And?" I replied in a sassy tone. "Why?" he asked. "I was bored of being me I needed a change" I replied. "Just wondering, because you look way different than before" he commented. "And how exactly have I changed Harry?" I asked him with a smirk across my face. "Well you dress different, you got piercings, and you skateboard and ride a motorcycle." He stated. "What else" I said. "Um well your hair is different, and your body has changed" he said as his cheeks flamed up. "And how Harold did my body change, because I don't see any difference" I said whilist gesturing to my body. "It got nicer, I guess" he murmured. "Interesting" I said to him. 


(Harry's pov)

            I knew what she wanted from me, she wanted me to admit I thought she was hot. And she was, really was. I was tempted to just kiss her on the spot, but I showed a tremendous amount of restraint. And it was very difficult. "Well imma go change" she said. "Okay" I said as I followed her quietly up the stairs. My attempt failed when she turned around smirking at me. "And your not invited Styles" she said as she smirked as me. "Dammit, soo close" I said while smiling cheekily at her.


(Marie's pov) 

            After my encounter with Harry on the stairs I went up to my room and began to change into this.  http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_17/set?id=87000556 "Dressing it down much eh" I heard Harry say behind me. I began to scream and chase him around the house with only my sweater and my underwear on. Finally I caught him and tackled him to the ground. I straddled him  and pinned his arms above his head. "Your going to pay Styles" I sneered at him. 


(Harry's pov)

       Dammit she was turning me on, I mean she was sitting on my half naked and her face was like three inches away from mine. So I took the chance and I slammed my lips against hers. At first she seemed startled but then she melded into the kiss and let go of my hands to put them into my curls. Yeah she was gonna be mine I thought as I moved my hands down to her thighs.    

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