He Left Me and I'm Over Him

Hi my name is Marie Alton..... and Harry Styles is my ex-best friend. He left me without saying goodbye, no calls, texts, or letters. He was gone, and I had to get over him.


3. Things You Should Know About Marie

1. Marie is tomboyish

2. She loves to skateboard

3. She owns a motorcycle

4. She loves to sing and creates her own version of popular songs

5. She lives in a house with her best friend Emma and her cat Jinx

6. Her family is super rich and sends her 5,000 dollars a month

7. Marie has had no boyfriends because she thinks they are stupid

8. She used to have feelings for Harry but he broke her heart and now she hates 

having strong feelings for men

9. She loves clothes, you will rarely ever see her in the same clothes twice

10. She loves shoes and has about 70 pairs ranging from vans to high heels

11. She loves to shop with Emma at the mall every saturday

12. She is 18 years old

13. She does not have a job 

14. She moved out when she was 16 

15. She has a bank account set out for the future

16. She wants to name her first daughter Harley

17. She decided she will try to at least make an attempt to date by the time she's 25 

18. She has a belly button piercing and plugs

19. Her eyes switch from green to brown depending on what kind of mood she's in

20. She loves and will only wear black nail polish

21. Her birthday is on June 12th

22. She has 10 different skateboards

23. During the summer she and Emma go on a holiday to Paris

24. She loves to listen to music

25. She loves to dance

26. She doesn't drink

27. She loves to eat

28. Her favorite food is pizza

29. She loves vanilla ice cream

30. She loves to read books




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