He Left Me and I'm Over Him

Hi my name is Marie Alton..... and Harry Styles is my ex-best friend. He left me without saying goodbye, no calls, texts, or letters. He was gone, and I had to get over him.


2. The Club Nightmare


                                                                      (Picture of Emma)

             (Marie's pov)

           As we walked into the club I started to get an icky feeling.... I knew in my gut something was gonna happen tonight. Emma immediately dragged me to the dance floor, we started to sway to the beat like everyone else. I personally never drink, Emma on the other hand can get piss-ass drunk in ten minutes. But hopefully she doesn't get to wild tonight,I didn't feel like dragging a drunk Emma home tonight. As I got lost in thought I closed my eyes, and when I opened them I saw Emma grinding with some dude.... well I guess I will be going home by myself anyway. I closed my eyes again and let my body move, personally I didn't care any more. After about ten minuets later I felt someone come up behind me.... I thought to myself "one one night stand isn't gonna kill me....right?" After some grinding I let him lead me out of the club, I still hadn't looked at him properly yet so I looked up. We were outside the club when i noticed who it was... "Harry" I whispered barely audible. 


 (Harry's pov)

    The girl said my name, I recognized her voice for earlier today. I turned around still holding her hand to get a better look at her....... It was Marie the girl who used to be my best friend. The girl I left behind.


 (Marie's pov)

    He turned to look at me his face went pale, my eyes started to tear up. This was just a great birthday, or should I say the worst one ever. After a second he started to say something. "No, Harry please don't". I let go of his hand and ran past him, I could hear him following me. "No" I screamed as he grabbed my waist. My face had tears streaming down them. "No" I said quieter, as he spun me around  to face him. Not after what you did to me......



I walked up to Harry's door and vigorously knocked on it. Surprisingly Gemma was the one to answer it. "Hi Gemma, where's Harry" I smiled at her sweetly. "Didn't he tell you she looked at me with sad eyes, "He left for the X-Factor". Oh Okay I said, See you later Gemma, as she closed the door I let tears slip from my eyes. I thought to myself as I walked away slowly "why didn't he say goodbye". That night, and for the next three years I cried myself to sleep.

End of flashback


I'm sorry he said and pulled me in for a hug. "No, Harry" I pushed him away. He searched in my eyes for an answer. "Not after what you did to me" I said it again looking into his eyes, after a moment of silence I left. He followed me silently, back to my house where he allowed himself in without my permission. He locked the door behind us, and followed me up the stairs towards my room. He sat on the bed, I never looked at him. I just stripped down to my undergarments and put on a big t-shirt. He watched my every move, I didn't care. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and my hair. I went back into my room. I had stopped crying on the way home, but my face was red with tear marks still. He looked at me, I looked at him. We never talked just stared.  

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