He Left Me and I'm Over Him

Hi my name is Marie Alton..... and Harry Styles is my ex-best friend. He left me without saying goodbye, no calls, texts, or letters. He was gone, and I had to get over him.


1. Rising On High

                Hi my name is Marie, and today is my 19th birthday. And I am totally not happy about it, I haven't been happy since he left me, its as almost he never met me, that I never existed in his mind.Oh yeah i forgot to say the person who I'm talking about is my ex-best friend Harry Styles. When he left i changed, literally........ I filled out, got larger boobs...a bigger waist, dyed my hair, got a little taller, got 14 piercings, and a tattoo. Yeah so i guess you can say I've changed a lot a lot. Anyway since today is my birthday my friends are dragging me out to this new club called mood. That's just great, cuz I'm totally prepared to go dancing after today..... because today i ran into him, but he didn't recognize me thank the lord. Earlier today when i was riding my skateboard to the grocery store I totally knocked in to him, apparently he was home for some odd reason but i let it go. As soon as I knocked into him I got up screamed sorry and sprinted away from him. I ran home crying....no way not today, it was the day i was supposed to forget. After crying on the couch i went to the fridge and grabbed my vanilla ice cream, I pretty much ate the entire thing before i slipped into a peaceful sleep. About an our into my nap my best friend Emma burst through the door with about a million shopping bags. WTF is all that for I hazily asked her. She said nothing as she walked past me into the kitchen, as soon as she made it to the counter she dropped everything onto it. HOLY SHIT Emma why did you buy all of this? I asked her as i stared at the mound in front of me. Well i thought we needed some new stuff so i went shopping? She said quietly. Okaaayyyy i said, and were did ya get the money for this stuff? I asked her. She replied with an answer i did not expect. "my mother" Wait, what since when have you been talking to your mom. I said. She replied with "since yesterday". Okaaaayyyy i said again. Anyway i told her we have to get ready to go eh? She squealed in excitement "wait until you see what i got you!!!" I quirked my eyebrow to the side as she pulled these from the bag.    http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86777833 Wow I said, "Isn't that a little girly for me?" She sighed and said "It was either that or this" as she held up this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86835960. No Way in Hell, i stated... you can wear that. Okay she said, but we have to get ready now so lets go...


(At the Club)

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