School boy

My name is Emily moved into a small town I was a new girl and I meet this boy Jacob and we were assigned as partners what will happen??

1. School

-beep beep- hits snooze button 

Wake up Emily or you will be late ! 

Ugh mom 5 more minutes 

text message: from Abby I'm at the front door! 

Texts back : coming 

oh no I'm going to be late goes in closet and gets a jack wills shirt with purple Jeans and black high tops with mascara.

abby pov.

brown hair greens eyes: 

knocks on Emily's door -

oh hi Abby  Emily is upstairs

okay thanks Mrs.Evans

EMILY let's go 

okay sheesh Lego then 

-gets to school - 

Runs into science class with Emily -

Girls you are late again sit down !

Abby- gives a face at Emily 

Emily- what ! 

Teacher- we are going to have a project on how to build a rocket and I will assign ur partners 


Wendy with Robert  Tim with Amanda Louis with Sarah lily with josh

Riley with Casey  Abby with Chloe  and Emily with Jacob 

emily pov

great I had to do a project with a person I hate Jacob 

Jacob pov. 

Black hair blue eyes- I have a crush on this girl Emily she doesn't know but know I'm her parter and she hates me ! 

I walk up to Emily's table 

hey Emily I guess we are partners 

no we are not 

Um okay should I come to your house or mine






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