Love At First Bite

Kasey never wished for a vampire life, but when her nosy side of her follows Harry, her best friend, to a vampire meeting! Kasey realizes she's crushing on a vampire, that she never thought she liked. She was just in love at first bite.


7. Returning Love, Sorta

"I saw it, you cheater." Niall gritted his teeth.

"Saw what?" I said in confusion.

"You kissed that bastard, Harry." Niall glared at Harry who was talking to Zayn.

"It was short, Niall. Get over it." I said, sick of these guys.

"Stop that, Kasey! You're always siding with either me or Harry! Stop it, You're ruining me and Harry! We were best friends until you had to be nosy!" Niall yelled at me. He was about hit me until Harry ran up to us and yelled, "STOP! What is going on?" I groaned and walked away from the scene. Harry caught up with me, "What happened with you and Niall?" I took a deep breath and said, "He hates me because I fucking ruined you and Niall's friendship."He doesn't deserve you, I do." He said, smiling at me. "No, no, no. I'm not getting back together after what just happened between me and Niall." I crossed my arms. He smirked and tugged on my hand and pulled me into his room. 


Harry put me down on the bed and took off his shirt. I bit my lip. He got on the bed and our lips touched. We began kissing, which turned into a make-out session, and then my shirt is off. I smirked as Harry said, "You got a nice bra." I replied, biting my lip, "You got nice abs." He looked down and smirked and pushed me down the bed to continue 'making love'. 


I woke up, on a warm and nude body. Shit, I had sex with Harry. I tapped on Harry's neck, "Hey, you awake?"  Harry said, "Yea, did we use safety?" I shook my head grabbing my bra off the floor. "But we already got Zaylee in the house!" Harry complained. "You were the one who pushed me onto the bed, and who knows, maybe I won't get pregnant." I said, putting on my shirt.

"Well, if we do have the baby, I'll be a good father to the baby boy/girl." 

"You better be." I said, kissing Harry on the lips before leaving his room. 

"Wait, " Harry stopped me, "are we together now?" 

"Until we find out I'm pregnant, if I am, we'll stay together, if I am still a teenager, then maybe."

"Great." Harry smirked.

I waved as I close the door behind me.

"Slutty Kasey, I thought you were with Niall." a girl said.

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