Love At First Bite

Kasey never wished for a vampire life, but when her nosy side of her follows Harry, her best friend, to a vampire meeting! Kasey realizes she's crushing on a vampire, that she never thought she liked. She was just in love at first bite.


2. It's Not Fair

"I would like to see Harry." I said with a plain expression on my face. "He's not here, Kasey." Zayn said.

Shit. Where is he? I thought.

"Where is Harry?"

"He went somewhere, I dunno'." Zayn said and left with Savanna.

I got up after they left and went out Niall's room. Time to escape. I looked for a door and and a path to it with out getting caught. "Perfect." I mumbled under my breath. I was about to open the door until, "Going somewhere?" a voice said behind me. "Shit." I cursed under my breath and turned around. It was Niall. "Nope, staying here." I winked, smiling at him. Flirting can get me out of this, right? I hoped for the best.

"This is a warning, babe. But, you try to escape, I get your blood."

"Sure?" I don't why Niall looked me as a drink. "What?' Niall chuckled. "You're a vampire now. Us, the gang, will treat you like your blood in a can, if you follow our rules, you can be treated like a friend. got it?" Niall explained, walking around me. He went to my neck. He didn't bite me, he just kissed my neck. I pretended to like it. "Well, I'll be in your room." I nodded, biting my lip. "Okay, love."


[ HARRY'S P.O.V. ]

"You can't talk to Kasey for three weeks, so to make sure of that, we're keeping you here." Liam said.

"Why?" I said, getting my eyes into focus.

"Niall wants her, and he doesn't want any competition."

"What? She's my best friend!"

Fuck. Kasey is going to worry about me and she'll find out. I know she'll find out. She's Kasey Pikerson.

"Oh well."

"I never liked Niall, he's always scared of his competition, me. He pretend life is a game, and he always wants to win."

"Like I care?'

"Bye." I bit into Liam's neck, sucking all the blood he had. I was pissed, so my only solution was to kill Liam. He passed out instantly. I picked up Liam and threw him a dumpster not too far from where he tried to hide me. I quickly wiped the blood off my mouth and hid my fangs. Getting exposed isn't fun.

[ KASEY'S P.O.V. ]

"Hey, it's Lou." Louis knocked on the door. "Come in." I replied. He opened the door. "Hey, what's up?" Louis sat on the bed with me. "Harry. I don't know where he is and I'm worried." I pouted. "They did that to me when Emily bit me. I couldn't see her for three weeks."

"But you bit me, and I'm seeing you."

"Nah, they hide your friend that's a vampire for three weeks so you can focus on trying to not expose your vampire powers. With a friend, they could help you, but it's a solo job."

"Oh," I said as the front door was slammed opened. "What was that?" I yelled. Louis got in front of me. The person opened my door slowly. "Get away, robber. I have fangs!" Louis hissed. It was Harry. "What is wrong with you?" Louis hit Harry. "Where's Niall?" Harry asked. "I don't know.." I mumbled. "WHERE IS NIALL?" Harry yelled at Louis and me. "In Zayn's room." Louis said to make him stop. "C'mon, Kasey, we're leaving." Harry glared at Louis and took my hand and he stormed out.

"What's up, Haz?"

"I'm pissed off."

"Oh, okay."

Harry walked into Zayn's room, revealing his fangs. Oh no. I thought. Harry pushed Niall to the ground. "Stay away from Kasey!" Harry clenched his fists and punched Niall. "How'd you get through Liam?" Niall yelled at Harry. "Killed him. He isn't a tough vampire," Harry smirked cockily. "But I am." He punched Niall again and got up and kicked Niall's balls. "Bastard." Harry said under his breath. I took Harry's hand and took him outside the room.

"What the hell happened?"

"Niall locked me up so you could focus on your anti-vampire exposure thing AND so he could go out with you. I was sorta gonna' ask you out Saturday, but Niall was being a bastard and locked me up."

"Oh, and yes." I smiled at Harry.

"Yes for what?"

"To go out with you."

"Cool, and today was the day I would tell you I'm a vampire, but you founded out already now." Harry smirked and kissed my lips. Niall was watching the whole kiss. I blushed and walked back to Niall's room until Niall stopped me. "He doesn't like you. He likes this girl named Lindsey." I rolled my eye, "Shut up, you know who Lindsey is. She's your ex." I pushed Niall away before he tried to kiss me and walked to his room.

I got bored and smirked at my thought. Just a peak at Niall's things won't hurt. I looked under his bed. There was a box, full of pictures. It was him and Lindsey. The pictures were all mushy and cute. What happened? I saw diary and read,

August 28, 2011

Dear Journal,

Just met a person named, Harry. He's friends with my lovely girlfriend, Lindsey. I also met this girl, Kasey. She's pretty, but Lindsey is my love. Maybe if we break up, I could go out with her. Last night, I went to see Twilight. I always wanted to be a vampire. TEAM EDWARD!

xx Niall Horan

I gasped. Lindsey and Niall broke up two months ago. He been liking me, not because I'm a vampire now, he truly did like me. This is before Niall got bitten and spread it to start a gang.

"Why are you going through my stuff?" Niall yelled. I turned around. It was too late, Niall saw what I read. His journal entry about me. "Why did you look through my stuff?" Niall said quieter. "I got bored," I said, looking down. He didn't suck any of my blood, or kiss me. He simply hugged me.

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