Respect me , Under stand me , Love me *COMPLETED*

Angel Was Sexual Harresed and touched by her uncle since she was a kid tell 2011 and now its 2013 . She Had gone threw therapy and classes but she was just messed up. She would not let any boy touch her or look at her in a bad way or she would have a mental break down. The only thing that would make her smile or laugh was her idol .....Justin Bieber . Angels mom new he was the awnser too the problem so she got tickets for her too see him. What will happen at the concert? Will she finally get too be happy again?


25. Chapter 25

Angel's P.O.V

"I'm Not your mother" kept repeating in my head. Justin had me in his strong arms on the couch as my mother or not mother sat on the couch. I started too feel more tears. "W-Who are you?" i asked. She sighed. "I'm your mother's best friend.." she said. "So you pretended too be someone that your not" i asked. She nodded slowly. "Your mother... april was so sweet,kind,lovable,nice, she reminds me so much of you ... she always told me if she had a kid she would name it angel... and she did." amanda said. "So um.. amanda ... where is my mother" i asked. She looked scared too tell me. "And my father?" i asked.She started crying. "Angel i'm so so sorry" she cried. "Tell me" i said with tears now. She wiped them away. "Your mother april she is um... kidnapped ever since you where born... she acutally gave me you and told me personally too take good care of you and too love you like she would..then a couple days later she vanished." she explained. "What about my father?" i grabbed onto justin's shirt. "Your u-uncle...." she started sobbing. "We were young when she gave me you and um your father David... He never really wanted you ... we wanted too ruin you and  your mother's life like you guys ruined his..." she said. "He told my uncle too rape me my whole life too ruin me?"i asked. Things are starting too add up slowly. "Oh Poor angel...." she said softly. "Your father is your uncle.." she cried out. My heart stopped. I looked at justin and he was completely shocked too. I began too cry in front of justin. "Oh baby shh shhh" justin pulled me too his chest and i started sobbing into his chest. He played with my hair. "He also has your mother....but you have too use your brain too know where she is. " she said. I looked at her. "What happened on your 15th birthday? " she asked. I looked at her shocked. "He raped me that night in a basement..." i said. I thought and i gasped. "My mom is there in the basement of his house..." i said. "Now this is the hard part angel... I was dating your father... and i new what he was doing then i saw your pain in 2011 and i stopped... i called the cops... and when he came out... i had no choice too get back with him.... or he would kill me angel... i'm so sorry..." she pleaded. "I don't care about that right now... give me the address too the house" i said. Amanda quickly wrote it down and gave it too me. I got off justin but he pulled me back down. I rapped from his grasp and ran over too the door but i felt my feet not touching the ground. "Put me fucking down!" i screamed. He put me down and spun me around so i was staring at him."Your not going you could get hurt... or even worst get killed. " he said. I sighed and saw his pleading eyes. "He shot you and raped me my whole life... this bitch deserves a punishment... from me " i said . He still had my hand. "He shot me... i wanna go to" he said. I nodded. "Lets go" he said. We walked out of the room and amanda followed me . I jumped in the passenger seat and justin was driving with my mom in the back. I gave justin the paper and he enter it in the gps. We started driving and justin was rubbing my leg. I smiled at him. "You guys are the cutest... just wait until your mom sees you angel" amanda said. I turn and send her a smile. "Does she look like me?" i asked. "Oh yea .. you look like her and not your father.." she said. I smiled. "You will love her ... i promise.. oh and i know she will love you justin.." she said. justin laughed. "Why is that ?" i asked. "Well isn't your father Jeremy Bieber?" amanda asked. We both nodded. "Well your mother dated him.." amanda said. Me and justin looked at each other and started laughing. "Oh really now" justin said winking.  giggled. We pulled up too this small house with a car in the lot... i have seen that car before at my house. "Ok amanda you stay here me and justin go in" i said. "Noi'm leaving i'm taking that car and going... because that is my car anyway" she said. I nodded. We all got out and i grabbed justin's hand and we climbed the fence and walked too the back door. I saw him he was in the kitchen with some girl that looked 15 and was wearing a bieber shirt on. "Oh now he has my beliebers too .. shit" justin muttered. I squeezed his hand. We watched as he dragged the girl down the stairs leading too the basement. "Come on" i said opening the back door slowly. I looked around and saw knifes and guns. I gave justin a gun and a knife and i put a knife in my boot and carried my gun. "Lets go " i said pointing to the stairs. Justin yanked me back. "Before we go sown there i wanna say i love you " he said cupping my face with his hand. "I love you too " i said kissing him roughly. We walked own the steps slowly and saw the dark room that i remembered too well i saw the light shining in the middle and the girl was tied up with my father hovering her. I slowly walk up and get behind his he was trying too rip the girls clothes off. My anger grew. I Put the gun too his head and he dropped everything. "Never thought you were into raping other girls Dad" i growled. He slowly turned around and are eyes connected. he was dumbfound he was shocked. "Oh so now the cat got your tongue ... that was never how it use too be" i spat. "Fuck you ... you and your mother ruined my life !" he spat. I look over and see justin untying the girl. "I think you have done enough fucking in your life time you nasty ass bastard."i growled. A laugh erupted justin's mouth. "That's not how you talk too your father" he said. I bark back and spit at him. "I thought you were my uncle you ass" i screamed. "So i'm guessing that bitchy amanda told you everything" he spat. "I'm here too end this... and too end you. " i  laughed. I put the gun down and walked over too justin. My father dived for the knife and came running towards justin shot the gun quickly and it hit him in the foot. My dad feel too the ground. "Now look who's worthless" i spit. He groaned. I looked at justin and he was shocked at what he just did. My dad slowly got up. I took my gun out. I shot his leg. "That's for amanda" i spat. I shot his side. "That's for shooting justin!" i spat. The girl gasped. I shot his other leg. "That's for raping me" he was now on the ground laying on his back looking up at me groaning. "And this is for my mother april..." i said pointing the gun toward heart. I slowly pulled the trigger and less than a second there was a lifeless father below me.I turn back at justin with tears streaming down my face. "Come here" he demanded. i ran over too him and cried into his shirt. I looked around and didn't see the girl. "Where did she go." i asked. "She said she wanted too leave so i let her but i promise she won't saying anything because we are gonna call the cops now" he explained. Justin pulled his phone out and we heard a crack of the door. I snap my head and see a door in the corner of the room. i put my hand on justin's and pat it. "What?" he asked. I pointed towards the door. I took the knife out of my boot and slowly walked over too the door and pushed it open. I turn on the light and see a women laying there by the door she looked up at me and she looked lifeless.. weak... skinny. I gasped. "We will help you sweetheart ok" i said. "Justin come on we need too take her too the hospital. "A-A-An-n-g-g" the women spoke. "Shh don't talk we will help you ok" Justin ran over and picked the women off the ground and we ran up the stairs. We saw the car so we ran over and laid the women in the back seat and justin was driving. We speeded off and got too the hospital. We carried her in and she was taken too trait care. Me and justin waited i the waiting room cuddled up. "Baby it's gonna be fine"he said rubbing my sides. I smile and kiss him. "Your a bad ass bieber" she said playfully. "Wait no no did you see you your like crazy bad ass" he said playfully. I laughed. The doctor came up too us with a clip board. "You say you found this women... she has been long for a lot of years..." the doctor said. "Um like how many" i asked. "Um about 18 years" i looked at justin shocked. "Would you please see the police they want too close the case so they need your help" the doctor said. We walked over too the police.


We finished questioning and we talked about my father and all that he did we explained the whole story which makes so much since too me now. 

"Well the women you guys found is April Jackson... She had a kid with any of you know her. " the police asked.

"She is my mother... She gave me too her friend amanda... and i figured this all out like yesterday. "I said looking at the clock.. it read 2:00 am. I sighed. "Ok case closed it's solved.thanks" they said. Me and justin walked back hand and hand and we walked too my mothers room. I walked in slowly and i saw my mom eating some food i smiled. She looked at me and justin then back at me. "Do you know who i am angel?" she asked. I nodded. She motioned me too next too her. I ran over too her and cuddled next too her and wrapped my arms around her. "Mom" i cried in her shirt. "Sh sh baby angel" she petted my head. "I killed him i killed him.." i cried. "I know baby girl he deserved it. " she said. I nodded. I turn and see justin crying. I smile and motion him over. He walked over and grabbed my hand. "Mom this is justin bieber... my boyfriend " i said. She giggled. It sounded like my giggle. "Are you famous or something because every magazine they gave me you were on the cover or you were in them. "Yea he is a famous singer .. dancer.... heart throb. " i said. "Ummm bieber? your father is jeremy ?" she asked. Justin nodded. She laughed. "Oh angel your dating my ex boyfriend's son " she said laughing. "Yea we figured that earlier. " i said. "You better get going you two... it's really late " she said. I got off the bed and justin wrapped his arm around me ."We will come tomorrow ok " i said walking too the door with justin. "Ok darling you guys go get sleep" she said. We laughed before we were about walk my mom spoke again. "Sleep no sex ... justin " she said pointing towards him. Justin lifted his hands in surrender. "I knew your father... and your prob. the same " she said playfully. Justin just swatted his hands. "PSH NAHHH" Justin said swatting his hands. we both laughed.Justin wrapped his arm around my waist and i said my last goodbye before walking out in the hallway.


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