Respect me , Under stand me , Love me *COMPLETED*

Angel Was Sexual Harresed and touched by her uncle since she was a kid tell 2011 and now its 2013 . She Had gone threw therapy and classes but she was just messed up. She would not let any boy touch her or look at her in a bad way or she would have a mental break down. The only thing that would make her smile or laugh was her idol .....Justin Bieber . Angels mom new he was the awnser too the problem so she got tickets for her too see him. What will happen at the concert? Will she finally get too be happy again?


2. Chapter 2

Angel's P.O.V

I Screamed and jumped up and flippped out and fell on the floor. I was breathing hard and was losing sight. I blink and get it back and make sure it was just a dream. I get off the floor and see a package on the bed side table. I looked at it confused. I grabbed the note taped on it and she read it carefully..


Hey Honey!...Ill be gone for The weekend because of work. But too brightned the mood i have a surprise for you that will make you really happy. And i know this will make you happy so don't doubt. The package has your present in it and when your ready too open it you can open it. I hope you enjoy the gift.. and i love you angel XOXO.~Momma 


I grab the sissors and and cut open the package . Once i layed eyes on them i jumped so high off the ground and screamed. "OHHHHH MY GODD" I scream. The door opened and my mom poped her head in the door. "You!" I scream in excitment. " The passes and tickets are your ticket too happniess baby angel" she said coming too me and hugging me. "Thank you mom thank you thank you" i screamed. "You better call you girls" she said before winking and walking out. I grab my phone and call nicole. "Hello?"She awnsered. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed. She giggled. "Justin?" she asked. "I got meet and greets and freaking tickets too the show and front row!"I spit out . "Really! Oh my gosh your finally happy" she said. "Mhm because of him and my mom." i said. We talked about what where going too wear and what we would say when we meet him. "When is the concert?"nicole asked. i looked at the tickets."Its on friday."I said. she laughed. "Why are we talking about it now if its saturday." she said."Because i'm excited"i said. "Wow never heard you say that before" she said sadly. "Well its diffrent with justin!" i spat. she giggled and talk some more until i finally got off the phone.I bursted some music out loud and danced and sang around my room and made videos of me singing. I had a unexpect fun saturday because of my idol... the only boy i fell for. Not like a girl like me would get too fall in love with the most famous teen pop star ever too live. I Ran down stairs and ate lunch and dinner and i skipped breakfest so i was starving. I ate some leftovers and watched some cartoons until i fell asleep.



"Would you like too be the ollg?"The woman asked. I looked up at justin that was on stage singing. She dragged me along before i could awnser. She hold me there and then signaled me too go out. One of the dancers(boy) came up too me and grabbed my hand. I started too breath hard because he was touching me. He set me in the chair and gave me flowers and a flower crown. I started too laugh and look around the statidum checking things out until justin lift my chin up with his finger. I stared into his eyes and felt a bubbly and butterfly feeling not a scared or feared one. He sand and hugged me and stared into my eyes. It felt like i was in my own world with him. I started too blush. He was the only boy i could stare in the eyes for that long because when i am around him i feel safe.

End of dream***

I woke up and fluttered my eyes open. I looked around and sighed. Wait.... I didn't wake up terrified."Mom!" i screamed. she came running in and sit next too my feet. "Another bad dream?"She asked frowning. I shook my head and smiled really big. "Oh my god your getting better!" she screamed and squezzed me. "What happened in the dream?"My mom asked holding my hands and staring me in my eyes. "Please stop staring at me" i asked nicely. She new i had a problem with staring ever since the "problem"."I'm sorry" she said looking down. "The dream was about me being justins ollg and he acually stared in my eyes and touched me and i didn't even panick." i explianed. She was so happy and excited. "He's the awnsered too making you happy" she said hugging me. "I know that's why i love him" i said in pride. she giggled . " Well i need too go to work tonight so you try too dream about justin ok" she said putting on her coat. I sulute and take orders. She laughed and kissed my head before walking out of the house.I turn off everything down stairs and go upstairs and go in my room. I get on twitter and tweet and look what justins doing.


i tweet: Just had a dream about being @JustinBieber OLLG! The thing is he is coming too my town on friday what if it happens!" i tweet it and get on my computer.


My phone started blowing up and i had no idea what was wrong with my twitter.So i went on twitter on my computer and there was a bunch of people following me and it was so weird. I go on justins page and i think my eyes popped out of my head when i saw. 

Angel:) @Justinsmallgirl 

Just had a dream about being @JustinBieber OLLG! The thing is he is coming too my town on friday what if it happens!" 

 Retweeted by Justin Bieber

I screamed and hopped around and looked at his reply and started too freak out. 

Justin Bieber @JustinBieber 

Haha I will look out for you shawty! And sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite and just dream about me ;)

I retweeted and thanked him and looked threw my mentions and saw that justin followed me and sent me a direct message.I opened the direct message.


Where are you sitting ??

I started too freak out and jump around.I told him where i was sitting and he direct message me back right after.


Then i will see you there my one less lonley girl :) xoxo

I died inside and Started laugh at what happened. This is the most best moment of my life so far ;)


Hey hope you enjoyed. I'm really excited for this story and i love writing so yea :)

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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