Respect me , Under stand me , Love me *COMPLETED*

Angel Was Sexual Harresed and touched by her uncle since she was a kid tell 2011 and now its 2013 . She Had gone threw therapy and classes but she was just messed up. She would not let any boy touch her or look at her in a bad way or she would have a mental break down. The only thing that would make her smile or laugh was her idol .....Justin Bieber . Angels mom new he was the awnser too the problem so she got tickets for her too see him. What will happen at the concert? Will she finally get too be happy again?


15. Chapter 15

Angel's P.O.V

"Here put this on ... Justin's Orders"kenny said holing a blindfold. I laugh and put it on. "Now I'll guide you too where you go ok"Kenny said grabbing my arm lightly and walking. I breathed slowly too calm myself down.It's just'd just justin.Kept repeating in my head. I followed behind and was eagar too know were we ar going. Justin was performing right now so i have no idea. Kenny Sat me down in chair and i heard whispers and talking. Are we at a restraunt?Kenny took off my blindfold and iw as on stage and all the beliebers were screaming now and smiling. My jaw droped and i was so shocked. I waved at a girl that waved at me. They alll screamed louder. I began laughing. Were is justin? I looked around and he was no where too be seen. One of the dancers gave me a mic. I stood up and walked down the stage too see the beliebers faces. "Hey guys i think we have something missing here no where it is . " i said too beliebers. "Sing!" they all chanted over and over. I was confused and i walked back over too the seat and looked back stage and the crew shooed me back on stage. "Kenny do i sing?"i asked. "Yes now go sing"he said pushing me back on stage. The one less lonley girl music came on. "Ok i'm gonna switch the lyrics because i'm a girl and i might need your help beliebers ok' I said shaking a little. i wasn't that afriad of big crowds because i use too peform infront of people. I began too sing.

Alright, let's go
There's gonna be one less lonely boy

(One less lonely boy)One less lonely boy(One less lonely boy)
There's gonna be one less lonely boy(One less lonely boy)One less lonely boy
How many I told yous and start overs and shouldersHave you cried on before?How many promises, be honest boyHow many tears you let hit the floor?
How many bags you packed, just to take her backTell me that how many either orsBut no more if you let me inside of your worldThere'll be one less lonely boy
Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you, youNow all I see is youI'm coming for you(I'm coming for you)
Don't need these other pretty faces like I need youAnd when you're mine in the worldThere's gonna be one less lonely boy
I'm coming for you, one less lonely boyI'm coming for you, one less lonely boyI'm coming for you, one less lonely boyThere's gonna be one less lonely boy
I'm coming for you, I'm gonna put you firstI'm coming for you, I'll show you what you're worthThat's what I'm gonna do, if you let me inside of your worldThere's gonna be one less lonely boyI started too sing and the whole crowd was swaying and sing along i heard more screams and i turn too see justin in the chair with floors on his head and him in regular clothes and he was laughing and staring at me i contuined too sing as i walked over too him. I sat next too him and did things that he does too the one less lonley girls. I cupped his face and he was acting like he was a super fan. "Omg"he kept repeating in the microphone . I was cracking up. He pulled me on his lap and wraped his arms around me and we swayed back and forth.I finished  the song and i got off justin And he got up and started running away as i chased him on the stage .I wanted too kick him for what he did. He hold on too his flowers and he ran around and his pants where falling off. He stoped and i caught up too him and grabbed his shirt and kissed him slowly and i hear roars and screams. I smiled and so did justin. I pulled away and everyone was clapping. Justin picked me up bridal style and walked over too the opening in the stage and stood on it and set me down on it. "Thank you too my girlfriend for singing i'll see you in a minute" he screamed. We lowered in the stage and crawled outand went backstage ans justin was rushed into changing and i ran right too pattie. "You were so good how long have you been singing?"pattie asked. "Since i was little."i said. "Just telling you now scooter was very inpressed" she said winking and walking away.He was inpressed by me! Wow that's suprising.I walked too justins dressing rooms and got alot of pats on backs and thumbs ups. I was happy.... because of him.

Justin's P.O.V

I got changed for the next two songs i was ready when angel came in with the biggest smile ever. "Thank you" she said running over and hugging me. I picked her up and she wraped her legs around me. "Thank you" she kept repeating against my lips. "I got a surprise" i whisper. "No more!" she screamed. I laughed and she gave me a puppy face."Come on baby " i said . he giggled and kissed me and she ran her tongue along my bottom lip aand i accepted entrance and are tongues faught."Hey bieber!" scooter screamed. I twist my head and see him leaning against the door frame. "Just getting my kiss too help finish this show off" i said putting angel down. "Good luck" she said pecking my lips and sitting on the couch.I walked out and went under the stage and poped back up and started singing Boyfriend. I had my shit off now and girls went crazy.I finished off with baby and went beck down and left the stage and went back stage. "Great job" scooter said patting my back. "Thanks man" i said hugging him. "So do really want too bring your girl in this kinda work?" he asked. "Scooter did you see her out there... she is very talented.... she needs too show the world " i explianed wip9ing my forehead. "Ok we better talk too her about this signing " he said. I nodded as we walked into the dressing room. I saw angel asleep on the couch i shoed scooter out and closed the door. I took a shower and did my hair and got into some clothes.I walk over too angel and shake her a little and her eyes flutter open. "Hi" she said sounding sleepy. "Hey baby time for your suprise" i said sweetly. She hoped up and looked fully awake now. "What is it!" she asked excited. "Scooter!" i scream. Scooter opened the door and came over and sat on the couch.
Angel's P.O.V

Scooter sat on the couch and jusin pulled me on too his lap. "Ok what is it justin?" i asked. "Justin wants too sign you angel"scooter said. I was shocked and happy and mixed emotions right now. I looked over at justin and he was smiling wide . I gigled. "And i would love too be you manager " he contuined. "No way Really!" i said in shock. "Way way" justin said. "Will you let me sign you?"justin asked in hopful eyes. "Yes yes a million times yes!" i screamed. I kissed justin forceful and are tongue faught. "Well lets make it for real please sign these" scooter gave them over. I skimmed threw and signed all. "What about my mother ? what will she think?" i asked justin. "We called she is really happy for you angel " scooter said. I hug justin and never let go. "Thank you justin" i wispered. "No problem baby" he said rubbing my thigh. "I love you "He said kissing my head. "I love you too justin " i sad plling away and kissing him. We heard the door close but we still kissed like nothing was around us. I put each one of my knees on each side of justin as he hold on too my waist and kissed. Are tongues faught and justin of course one. A knock was on the door. I pulled away and hoped off justin and awnsered it.Kenny came in and hugged me. "Your staying with us!" kenny said. I laughed.I pulled away and nodded and he looked happy. "Good i like this girl bieber!" he said too justin. Justin came up from behind me and kissed my temple. "I do too "he said laying kisses on my neck.

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