You & Me Against the World

Esteban only has one person who truly cares for him and that's his Tia (aunt) , but that changes when he gets sent off to live with his dad. He soon meets a troubled girl who turns out to play a big role in his life. They go through some life changing events together and begin to grow feelings in matter of days, but the problem is ... Will they make it through the obstacles that come their way.


3. The real story.



I fell asleep on the plane because if I didn't I was just gonna be thinking about my dad or my mom... And even my Tia. And I didn't wanna think about her or I'd probably cry and I didn't wanna look like a little bitch in front of strangers.   I slept the whole way even when the plane landed. The flight attendant had to wake me up and tell me that we had made it to California .   Now I was nervous... I didn't know what to think. I made it to a city I didn't even know. Im going to be living with a man I didn't even know either. It was all just overwhelming.   I walked through the air port looking around at all the people wondering who could  be my dad.  Then I saw a sign that said, "Esteban! If you made it, I'm your father! (:"   It was weird to see my father . I had pictured him a lot differently. He looked like a decent guy.  He was pretty tall, about 6'2. And he was slender, in pretty good shape too . He was pretty dark and had dark brown hair. When I walked towards him a smile from ear to ear was on his face. He seemed really excited to see me.    "Hi Esteban , it's me ! I'm your dad!" He said pulling me in for a big bear hug.   I pushed him away a little because he was pretty much a complete stranger to me.   "Oh yeah sorry.. I forgot you kind of dont know me. Well my name is Sebastian, I am 37 years old. I live in Fairfield where you will be living too from now on. Don't worry we'll live on the good side of town!"   "Okay? I wasn't worrying, but thanks for the reassurance dad!" I said sarcastically a little extra when I said 'dad' I wasn't used to saying it.. For the 17 years I've been on this earth I've never called anyone dad so it felt odd saying it.   His smile went away. I think he remembered that I dislike him for leaving my mom and me.    He said, "right. Well I know you hate me. Who knows what that crazy woman has put in your head!"   I think he was referring to my mom when he said 'crazy woman' . I'll admit my mom is not on the sane side, but I still don't appreciate the fact that he called my mom crazy.    "What has she told you about my anyways?"   "Nothing much. Just that you held me once when I was born, kissed her and I on our foreheads and said that you weren't ready for a kid and just walked out of the room."   "Wow..." He said like he was shocked.   "Oh and that it was my fault that you left and that if I wasn't born then you and her would still be together all happy and shit."  I tried to say it like I didn't care, but every time I think about when my mom said that it hurt more and more inside.   "I can't believe she would stoop that low." He said in a depressed tone.   At that moment we were in the car leaving the busy city of San Francisco headed towards Fairfield. We stopped at a light and he turned to me and said,  "that's not what happened and I need you to understand that. And nothing was your fault so get those disgusting thoughts out of your head."   "Then what was the real reason you left, huh?" I asked extremely curious and kind of happy because I heard those words.   All my life the blame was put on me and him telling me those words just kind of lifted a weight off of my shoulders. Probably the guilt that my mom made me feel for being born...   "Well I didn't leave like that first of all. I was in your life until the age of three right before summer. I remember that because you were upset that I wasn't going to be able to take you to the pool to teach you how to swim."   "Then why did my mom say that you left when I was born?" I asked with a confused face.   "Most likely because she didn't want it to seem like it was her fault that I left.. Your mom was very psychotic. I swear, if I stayed I'd be... be.."   "Be what?"   "I'd be dead." He said it like it hurt him to remember.    "Oh... But why? Was it a gang or something that wanted you dead? Cause mom said that you were in a gang ."   "That bitch! Oops excuse my language." He said.   "It's all good, just let me know what really happened" I said looking at him waiting for him to continue .   "Well no, I never messed with gangs and I was never in one. The one who would have killed me was her! She was crazy! She would get mad at every little thing! And she would threaten me or as she would say promise me... But when she stabbed me with a pair of scissors, I knew it was time to go..."   "So you left me with that crazy woman?!"   "Yeah, she wouldn't let me take you and I knew she wouldn't hurt you... She loved you too much. But I never would have thought that she would tell you such lies..."   Him and I talked the rest of the car ride and caught up.   He went into the marines after he left us. And they paid for his schooling after he served in Iraq for three years.   He now works in some big office in the city and commutes everyday to San Francisco .   Now we were getting to our exit so I started paying attention to the scenery. I saw a soccer field, a mall, and just a bunch of restaurants.    Fairfield wasn't as busy as San Francisco. It was smaller too. We started passing a bunch of houses. I started wondering which will be my new house. He was right web he said we were gonna live on the good side of town because we entered a gated community with pretty big houses and they were beautiful. Then we drove to the drive way of a two story house. It looked nice on the outside I wan just wondering what the inside looked like. When we pulled up there was a woman with a little boy waiting outside. As I assumed it was his wife and son.   She approached me and put her hand out to shake mine and said, "hi, I'm Diana and this right here" she picked up the little boy and held him in her arms as she spoke now "is Jayden. He's your brother and he was very excited to meet you" she smiled at me and I smiled back trying to be friendly.   She showed me to my room which had the things from my moms house already and my dad was bringing up the things I had brought from my Tia's house. My new room was a lot bigger than what I was used to. There was already furniture in it. There was a queen size bed that was very soft and comfortable. There was also  desk with a laptop, a tv hanging on the wall, speakers also hanging on the wall, and a walk in closet.    It was a nice house. And I was thinking that I could probably get used to this. It's really not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  
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