You & Me Against the World

Esteban only has one person who truly cares for him and that's his Tia (aunt) , but that changes when he gets sent off to live with his dad. He soon meets a troubled girl who turns out to play a big role in his life. They go through some life changing events together and begin to grow feelings in matter of days, but the problem is ... Will they make it through the obstacles that come their way.


8. The date.


*Esteban's P.O.V*

Liana spent the rest of the evening in my room talking to me and helping me get ready. I thought it would be cute if we matched so I pulled out a red shirt. And also people will think that we're a couple so they will not talk to her. 

She borrowed Diana's flat iron and straightened her hair, which made it look much longer than it already was. She changed into the outfit that I had bought her today.

I was waiting down in the living room for her to finish getting ready.  Then my dad comes up to me and asks, "Where are you two heading?"

"We're going out to dinner, but I'm not sure where to take her. Got any suggestions ?" I ask.

"Take her to red lobster or Olive Garden she'll love it." He told me

"Okay thanks dad." I said

"You two be safe and don't do anything I wouldn't do" he kind of laughed and winked 

I waited a coupled more minutes for Liana then she came walking down the stairs. She looked stunning.

I smiled at her and I held out my hand for her to grab so I could escort her to my truck.

As we stepped out of the house I stopped her and turned her around grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in and said, "Liana you look beautiful"

She tried to hide her face in my jacket meaning that she was blushing. 

"Thank you" she said.

She tried to continue walking to the truck but I didn't let her. I held her right there and with my right hand I softly lifted her chin and went in for a kiss. 

We passionately kissed for a couple of minutes and then we took off to the restaurant .

*Liana's P.O.V*

We pulled into the parking lot of red lobster which I've never been to.

We had a good dinner but it wasn't the best I'm not the biggest seafood fan.  

We get back into the truck, and Esteban asks, " so did you like it?"

"Honestly, no. I really don't like seafood." I answered.

"Oh damn. But I know something that you will enjoy." He said with his cute half smile

"Tell me!" I demanded

"No ! It's a surprise ."

"Fine !" I grumbled

We start heading towards the ghetto side, and I ask, "what are we doing here?"

"Just wait til you see!" He says

"Okay okay!" We get on the highway and head into a place called Suisun, it's a town right next to Fairfield and then we drive somewhere. 

"We're going to the marina" he says

"Okay sounds good to me ." I say 

It's really pretty right now. There's a full moon and it reflects on the water, making it look amazing.

Esteban leads me to the boats and then we aboard one. It's a row boat big enough for the two of us.

He gets in first and then lifts me up and sets me down. He starts rowing the boat and tells me once more how beautiful I look.  We stop in the middle of the water and he leans forward and whispers in my ear, " I know it's only been a few days, but I want you to be mine.  I may sound crazy but I'm falling for you more and more each and every second I spend with you."

I couldn't believe what he just told me. It was everything that I wanted to hear. It couldn't be more perfect. I wanted to tell him that I felt the same way but I couldn't because he left me speechless.

So I just sat there smiling like no other. He looked up at me and said, "you know I can't read minds so you have to tell me what you're thinking" he smirked 

"Well, I want to be yours and I want you to be mine. In the past few days we've connected so well. I just love the fact that I have you in my life." I said being kind of bashful as I said it.

He went into his coat pocket and reached for something. Once he found what he was looking for he pulled out a little box. 

"Liana, here open it." He smiled as he handed my the small jewelry box.

Inside there was a ring. He spoke again, "I got you this promise ring to promise you that I'll be here no matter the situation.  I'll be your partner in crime, your partner in bed," he winked after he said bed, " I'll be your partner for absolutely everything, just say that you want me to and I will stick by your side no matter what ." 

He waited for me to speak, but I couldn't, my only reaction was to tackle him down to save him from getting hurt...

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