You & Me Against the World

Esteban only has one person who truly cares for him and that's his Tia (aunt) , but that changes when he gets sent off to live with his dad. He soon meets a troubled girl who turns out to play a big role in his life. They go through some life changing events together and begin to grow feelings in matter of days, but the problem is ... Will they make it through the obstacles that come their way.


13. Just thinking.

* Esteban's P.O.V. *

We just finished packing and now it's time to leave. I don't even know what happened to my Tia . I do know that she took care of her and self and nothing could have happened having to do with her health.... I think.

My cousin Roger was the one who called me and let me know that she was in the hospital. Roger and I were basically raised by my Tia because our moms are sisters and they treat us exactly the same and pretty much gave us to our Tia any chance they could.  We both love her so much, but for some reason he couldn't tell me what happened to her. Now that I think about i I'm becoming more suspicious than before. 

"You okay?" Asked Liana.

"Uh... Yeah, I'm fine... Just thinking." I said still kind of dazed off.

"Oh okay..." She said. "Um.. I wanna thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it. " 

"No problem . I'd do anything for you.. . " I said.

"But you barely met me.. Why are you so willing to do anything for me?" Liana asked.

"Well my Tia told me when I find a girl worth fighting for, I should give her my all... And that's exactly what I'm doing." I said smiling a little.

"Well how do you know I'm worth fighting for?" She asked .

"She also said that when I meet that one person , yah know 'the one' , I would know it by the way she looks at me and how she makes me feel, because no other can make someone feel the way their lover can.." I said.

"Wow. So are you saying that I'm 'the one' ?" She said while blushing. 

I paused for a little before speaking, and I grabbed her hands and her fingers fit perfectly in between mine. I leaned and whispered in her ear, and said, "Liana, you're my everything. You mean the world to me and I am willing to do anything for you. I know I may sound crazy, because we just met not too long ago, but this is how I feel and I'm just hoping you feel the same way.."

I'm assuming I left her speechless because she hadn't said a word and she was just sitting there smiling and blushing.

Time passed and I held her close to me as she fell asleep on the plane.  I wanted her to know that she was secure when i was with her. On the other hand, I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about my Tia and how mad my dad will be because I took so much money out of his bank account. 

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