You & Me Against the World

Esteban only has one person who truly cares for him and that's his Tia (aunt) , but that changes when he gets sent off to live with his dad. He soon meets a troubled girl who turns out to play a big role in his life. They go through some life changing events together and begin to grow feelings in matter of days, but the problem is ... Will they make it through the obstacles that come their way.


10. Feeling blessed.


*Liana's P.O.V*

We pulled into the drive way and Esteban rushed around the car to open my door and carry me inside into safety.

His dad and Diana were already sleeping so we were being careful and trying not to wake them.

He carried me to his room and laid me on the bed. He went to get towels, and told me to get out of my wet clothes. I did as he said and I laid there wrapped in the towel. 

He took the wet clothes to go and put them in the washer so his dad and Diana wouldn't find out. While he was gone I was thinking to myself. I realized how blessed I am for meeting him. It was like fate, for his father to find me. I silently thanked God for leading me to the right path and helping me find such an amazing person like Esteban . I knew if it wasn't for him, then I would't even be alive..

"Hey boo, where did you put the other clothes I got you today ?" Esteban asked

"Oh they're on my desk." I responded

"Okay I'll get you some pajamas." He said.

I get up and walk to my room and grab the clothes that Esteban was going to hand me. I head to the bathroom to take a shower.

I take a long shower just standing under the hot water. I think and feel horrible. I put Esteban's life in danger... I don't know what to do. I look at my hand and remember what he said when he gave me the promise ring. I reminisce back and see him saying it all over again...

"I got you this promise ring to promise you that I'll be here no matter the situation.  I'll be your partner in crime, your partner in bed," he winked after he said bed, " I'll be your partner for absolutely everything, just say that you want me to and I will stick by your side no matter what ." 

I remembered that he was waiting for me to get out so I get out, dry off, and get dressed in 5 minutes and head to his room. The lights were out. 

I walked in and see him passed out on the bed. I turn the light back off and climb into bed with him. I slide in between his arms, and I think he was talking in his sleep but he said, "Liana, I love you.." And then snored a little.

"I love you too " I said and then kissed his soft, sweet lips one last time before I fell asleep.

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