Sisters Forever

Bridget and Harriet... the best of friends....they called each other sisters. Together forever, forever and always, these two were inseperable....until the accident. Will their friendship survive? How hard is Bridget willing to work for Harriet? How will they say their goodbyes? The clock is ticking, will Bridget fulfill Harriets wish?....or will she live with the guilt of lettimg her sister down?


1. Why her not me


I never thought my life could change in a matter of seconds. It all happened so fast, I just blinked and it happened. We were laughing having a great time and then there was fire and blood everywhere. Her blood. I can’t believe this happened. I should be the one lying on that bed! Not her! I should be the one dying! Just not her!


Earlier that day ~October 13, 2013 6:35 P.M~


Today my best friend Harriett and I decided to go to a pool party hosted by our friend Nathan. Harriett and I have been friends since 6th grade, now were college students living together in our own apartment, we’re very different, but at the same time so alike. She’s a brunette I’m blonde, she’s short I’m tall, she’s 21 I’m 20, she’s tan I’m white and so on. We got everything ready and headed to her car and once we got there we blasted our one direction music all the way up. Yeah I know we’re too old, but who cares? we’ve always loved them and we always will! The song ‘she’s not afraid’ started playing and we began singing and laughing. 


The drive was kind of long considering Nathan lived all the way downtown. After 20 minutes passed it started raining very hard, but that didn’t stop us from having fun, but I was getting a little worried since the rain started to get pretty bad.

“Shoot!” Harriett mumbled under her breath.

“What’s wrong?” I asked my nerves taking the best of me.

“I can’t see crap!” She said frustrated.

“Pull over” I said in a desperate tone.

“There’s nowhere to pull over!” She yelled.

“what are we gonna do?” I asked almost crying.

“Bridg calm down! The rain will stop in a few minutes! Nothing’ll happen!” She said trying to calm me down, and it kind of worked. A few minutes passed, but the rain didn’t stop, it actually got worse.

“Harry, the rain hasn’t stopped.” I said.

“I know.” She said, her eyes on the road. I looked up and saw a pair of lights coming towards us.

“”H-Harry a-are you sure youre on the right lane?” I asked her.

“Shoot, I have no idea!” She cried. The lights kept getting brighter and brighter and then we heard a honk and I finally saw a truck coming towards me.

“HARRIETT!” I yelled scared.

“Frick!” she shouted and turned the stirring wheel as fast as she could so now her side was the one facing the truck. My eyes widened, she did it on purpose.

“Harriett what are you-“but before I could finish it all turned black. 


W-what’s happening?

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah she is just a few bruises, and she hit her head ,but nothing serious. She’s lucky”

“What about…the other one?”

“I don’t think she’ll make it.”


Whose voices are those? What are they saying who is ‘she’? I quickly opened my eyes. My head was spinning and saw many sirens police cars and firetrucks. I sat up from the stretcher I was lying on and then everything came back, the crash the screaming and…Harriett! Where is she? I don’t see her I quickly got off and began searching for her until a hand grabbed my arm.

“Miss you shouldn’t be walking, we need to check if youre okay first.” A fireman said trying to take me back to the stretcher.

“No! im fine! I just need to find Harriett! Where is she? I need to know she’s okay!” I yelled tears burning my eyes. The fire man’s eyes changed, they looked at me with pity, but why?

“Miss come with me.” He got me into a police car.

“Take her to the hospital, she wants to see the girl that was in the car with her.” He told the police man and he just nodded.


We began driving. Why was he taking me to the hospital? I was fine, then Harriett should be too! What’s happening? “Sir, why are you taking me to the hospital? And where’s my sister?” Harriett and I were so used to calling each other sister that now it became a habit.

“M’am, please calm down, you’ll see her soon.” He said. We finally arrived to the hospital after ten minutes, something that seemed like ten years to me. I quickly rushed to the lady in the reception.


“Harriett Delavine? Where is she?” I asked hurriedly. “Room 114” she replied in a noncaring way. I didn’t even bothered to thank her, I quickly rushed to her room, and when I entered my eyes immediately filled with tears. Harriet was all bruised and bandaged with cords attached to her and many machines surrounding her. I didn’t see the tough happy girl that I saw every day; she looked so weak, so helpless, so…broken. I made my way to the chair next to her bed and once I sat there I couldn’t hold the tears back any more. Why? Why her? Why not me?

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