Sisters Forever

Bridget and Harriet... the best of friends....they called each other sisters. Together forever, forever and always, these two were inseperable....until the accident. Will their friendship survive? How hard is Bridget willing to work for Harriet? How will they say their goodbyes? The clock is ticking, will Bridget fulfill Harriets wish?....or will she live with the guilt of lettimg her sister down?


2. Her wish

~Present time 8:54 P.M~

Now I'm here sitting on a chair next to my best friend basically dying. This is not right! right now we should be at Nathan's’s pool party not a stupid hospital! I started crying again burying my face into my hands until a weak voice interrupted me.

“B-Bridg?” My eyes widened at the sound of Harrietts voice.

“H-Harry! Youre awake!” I quickly got up and hugged her.

“Crap! Owch!” She yelled.

“Oh my heck im so sorry! Do you need a nurse?” I quickly asked.

“No calm down.” She laughed a little, but then started coughing like crazy.

“S-sorry” she said. My eyes watered again.

“You ok?” I asked.

“yeah .”She smiled slightly.

“Harry listen, you are gonna be okay, and then you’ll get out of here and someday we’ll laugh about this” I said trying so hard not to cry.

“Bridg, you and I both know that’s not true, I can barely talk. Bridg…I won’t make it.” She said her eyes tearing up.

“No! shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about! You’ll live!” I yelled.

“Bridg please don’t do this. We have to be strong. It’s time to…say goodbye” she said crying still smiling.

“Harry…no” I sobbed.

“But remember our oath…Wherever we go just always remember that you have a home for now and forever…I’ll always be here for you whenever you need me Bridg, maybe not physically, but I’ll always be with you.” She said coughing.

“No stop it! You are not going to die! Just shut up!” I yelled. She gave a tiny laugh.

“Oh Bridg, I love you sister.” She said. 

“No harry” I sobbed.

“C-can you do me a favor?” she asked. I didn’t have the voice to talk so I just nodded.

“you know how I never got to meet One Direction?” I nodded. “Before my funeral..” I clenched my teeth at the word ‘funeral’ “Can you please try to get them to come see me? If you can’t its cool, but please at least let them know.” She smiled weakly.

“Y-yeah” I stuttered.

“C-come here Bridg” she said breathing heavily. I walked closer to her as she took something from her neck. My eyes widened it was her necklace. The one she got us for my 15th birthday. It was a necklace that said ‘Sisters Forever’ she kept the part that said forever while I kept sisters.

“Forever” she whispered handing me her necklace.

“N-no Hars, this is yours.” I cried.

“No, n-now its y-yours.” She smiled.

“Harriett please don’t leave me!” I begged. 

“I l-love you Bridget, s-sister. P-please always remember, y-your beautiful, don’t let anyone hurt you, you’re strong Bridget remember, head up high.” She whispered her breath becoming heavy and the beeping from the machine becoming slower.

“Harriett no please no!” I yelled grabbing her hand.

“I l-love you…sister, please tell Niall I love him too” she laughed.

“No! no!” I yelled. 

“Goodbye.” She smiled while letting a tear fall down her cheek. Her grip on my hand loosened and the machine gave the horrible sound of a long beep. 

“Harriett! Harriett answer me!” I yelled sobbing. “I…I love you too…sister.” I whispered kissing her hand. I’ll miss you Harry, but I swear I’ll make your last wish come true.


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