More than friends

Hannah and Justin have been friends since birth they really are bestfriends but they said they would never fall in love but one day it might have changed there minds read more to find out.


1. Your back



Hannah: okay I'm up and I will start getting ready

( btw Tristan is my brother) 

Tristan: alright

I couldn't believe I was about to see Justin I haven't seen him in forever he was on tour for forever and the last time I saw Justin it was last summer because he just started his tour and had a concert in Canada so he is coming to vist with us for a few weeks because he has one concert her and then he is off for a couple weeks and he wants to spend time with Tristan and I Justin is my brothers like Bestfriend Justin is my Bestfriend too I love him so much but I changed into some white high waisted shorts with a blue v neck and blue vans then I straightened my hair and did my makeup by the time I was done it had already been an hour so I walked downstairs and btw I have tan skin blue eyes and brownish blondeish long hair and I'm skinny but not bone skinny

Hannah: Tristan is Justin here yet

Tristan: he is in our drive way right now

I ran out side and I saw Justin walking out his car Justin looked up and saw me so he started running and so did I Justin grabbed me and spun me around



Justin kissed my cheek 

Justin: well now you have me here

I smiled at him 

Hannah: lets go inside

We walked inside and Tristan can running to Justin 



Tristan and Justin hugged and did there little hand shake thing

Justin: so what room will I be staying in

Tristan : o you will be staying in the room right next to Hannah 

Justin: sweet

Justin walked up the stairs and turned to the right cause he knew my house he has stayed in it like a lot of times so he walked into his room and sat his bags down and we walked to my brothers room

Hannah: so Justin how has the tour been

Justin: it's been amazing I love it it's tiring but I love my beliebers 

Hannah: aw well that's amazing 

Justin: yeah

I smiled 

Hannah: well y'all have some fun I'm gonna go back into my room

I got up until someone tugged at my waist I looked back and it was Justin 

Justin: no Hannah I haven't seen you in forever and you wanna go in your room I wanna see you 

Hannah: you will see me but y'all need to spend  a little bro time 

Justin: we will but I want you time

All I could do was blush I can't believe Justin just said that I smiled at him

Hannah: fine 

Justin: (whispering in my ear) where not staying in here where going to your room

We walked in my room and Justin instantly started smiling 

Hannah: Justin what

Justin: you still have every single picture of us on your desk

Hannah: well yeah I love you your my Bestfriend 

Justin looked into my eyes and just stared into them 

Justin: your so beautiful 

Hannah: aw thank you Justin your so handsome

Justin smiled 

Justin: thank you sweetheart

Hannah: your welcome

Justin: Hannah I want to take you somewhere alone

Hannah: okay 

We walked downstairs and Justin opened the door for me I walked out and we were walking down by the lake my lake we walked down to the steps and sat at the edge of them

Justin: Hannah I have to talk to you

Hannah: okay 

Justin intertwined his hand with mine I smiled and looked at Justin 

Justin: it's really hard for me to say this because I don't know if you feel the same exact way but I will tell you how I feel Hannah I love you your the one I love I have always loved you I mean every time I saw you I just couldn't stop looking at you and since I thought I couldn't get you cause your my Bestfriend I dated Selena and we all know that I really didn't want to be in a relationship with her but I broke up with her awhile ago because I finally realized I want to be in a relationship with you, you know who I am you always cared for me and always believed in me I love you so much you don't know but you don't  love me for Justin bieber the superstar you love me for Justin bieber the kid that I grew up with so I wanted to know if you will be my girlfriend

Hannah: Justin I love you too and I always have I really loved you and wanted to be with you but I thought you didn't like me cause you started dating Selena and it broke my heart but I have always felt the same way about you I love you Justin and yes I will be your girlfriend 

Justin leaned in and kissed me on the lips I smiled threw out the kiss when we kissed there were sparks and everything right then and there I knew I wanted to be with Justin 

Justin: I'm so excited that you said yes I was so nervous that you would say no but you said yes yayayayayay I love you so much Hannah and I'm so sorry that your heart was broken when I dated Selena I was just heart broken that you dated chad and I needed to feel how it felt like to have someone love me because I knew you were taken by chad and it broke my heart too

Hannah: Justin I love you and I'm sorry that your heart was broken when I dated chad I wanted the same feeling cause you started dating Selena and I knew I couldn't have you but now your mine and chad is not my boyfriend anymore you are 

Justin smiled and leaned in and kissed me again 

Justin: I love you Hannah 

Hannah: I love you more 


Hey I hoped you like it comment for me to update Kay well bye loves :) and go read my other two stories cause I'm updating them tomorrow because I've been out of town and just got back and haven't had time but updating but yeah.

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