More than friends

Hannah and Justin have been friends since birth they really are bestfriends but they said they would never fall in love but one day it might have changed there minds read more to find out.


6. The park and the studio


Hannah's pov

Austin: good morning beautiful

Hannah: good morning

I was getting up to go to the bathroom until someone grabbed me behind my waist and pulled me back down to the bed

Hannah: Austin I have to go change

Austin: no you don't I just wanna cuddle

Hannah: ugh fine

We laid back in bed and cuddled I fell alsleep 

 A couple hours later

Austin: hey Hannah get up I wanna do something 

Hannah: okay 

I got up and went into the bathroom and put on some of his clothes I walked out and he grabbed my hand and we walked outside inside his car then like 7 minutes later we pull up to this park we get out of the car and Austin holds my hand and we walk to the swings I sit down and he sits next to me we talked and talked then I needed to go use the restroom

Hannah: Austin I will be right back I need to use the restroom

Austin: alright baby 

I walked to the bathroom and then when I was walking out I noticed a similar voice I turned around and it was Justin and Chaz they were at the park talking and walking too I started walking really fast back to Austin because I didn't want them to see me

Austin: let's go walk around the park

Hannah: okay

We started walking and talking just about random stuff and then I wanted Austin to give me a piggy back ride cause my feet where tired so he picked me up and I was on his back and he carrying me around and I was laughing

Justin's pov

Me and Chaz decided we were gonna go for a walk at the park when we got there I was just talking to him until I saw this couple that looked adorable and they where giving each other piggy back rides and they were laughing then kept on tickling her and she then turned over and that's when my heart was broken it was Hannah I started getting mad and sad at the same time I walked alittle closer so I could see them then Austin picked her up from the side and started kissing her that's when I saw enough 

Chaz: dude what's wrong 

Justin: look for you self

Chaz then looked 

Chaz: I'm sorry bro

Justin: I just can't believe I was stupid 

Chaz: Justin she looks like she is in love with someone else and she moved on

Justin: no don't tell me that she can't be in love 

Then I decided that I would call her to see what she does I started ringing the phone and then I looked over to we're she was she look at her phone and just look away like she didn't even care then I guess her phone started ringing again cause she answered a phone call I walked alittle closer so I could here

Hannah: hi

Scooter: Hannah do you know where Justin is

Hannah: why would I know where he is 

Scooter: because he hasn't been showing up at the studio and I need him to come

Hannah: well I don't know and I don't care about him anymore after what he did to me

Scooter: Hannah I understand that but I think that Justin is really hurt 

Hannah: I am to

Scooter: I know but can you co by the studio 

Hannah: why

Scooter: just come 

Hannah: fine 

End of call

Omgosh Hannah is going to the studio I think I'm gonna go

Hannah's pov 

Omgosh I have to go to the studio because Scooter wants me to so me and Austin got in the car Austin dropped me off at the studio and I went inside and went to the 7th floor and walked inside and saw Scooter

Scooter: hey

Hannah: hey

Scooter: okay the reason I wanted you to come was because since Justin isn't here and isn't gonna do the song then I need you to do it

Hannah: Scooter are you sure

Scooter:Hannah I'm positive 

Hannah: alright

I walked inside and Scooter handed me the lyrics the music started and I stared singing the song wasn't bad it was good after the song finished I looked at Scooter he was clapping and smiling 

Hannah: was it good

Scooter: it was awesome

Me and Scooter where Talking about an albums and stuff and I just told him I don't know because that would be a lot 

Scooter: Hannah it would be amazing for you

Hannah: yeah I know it would I guess I will

Scooter: okay good come by the studio tomorrow and we will discuss the tour 

Hannah: alright 

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