More than friends

Hannah and Justin have been friends since birth they really are bestfriends but they said they would never fall in love but one day it might have changed there minds read more to find out.


7. The first Tour day



I walked out of the studio and I was going down the elevator and right when I walked out I saw someone I didn't want to see yeah Justin he looked up at me and I just looked the other way and walked out the door I was almost to my car until someone grabbed my wrist I looked up to see who it is of course it was Justin I just tried to yank my hand away but he wouldn't let go

Hannah: what do you want Justin

Justin: just talk to me 

Hannah: no now leave me alone I got to go home

Justin: sure

Hannah: what do you mean sure

Justin: your probably gonna go to your new boyfriends house


I walked away with anger filled inside of me I decide to go to Austin's house so I could see him so I pulled up at the house and knocked on the door

Austin: hey babe what are you doing here

Hannah: I just wanted to come by and vist you

Austin: aw good cause I missed you 

Hannah: I missed you too

I walked into the house and then Austin picked me up and spun me around I looked up at him and he kissed me softly 

Austin: I love you 

Hannah: I love you too

I remembered I had to go to go the studio tomorrow for tour dates so I had to get home 

Hannah: hey Austin I got to go home because I have to go to the studio tomorrow

Austin: alright I will see you tomorrow

Hannah: Kay bye

I walked outside and went inside my car and went home after I pulled up in my drive way I got into bed and fell asleep 

The morning 

I woke up and changed into some high waisted shorts and a crop top and vans then I put on a little but of makeup and straightened my hair and grabbed my phone and walked out the door I got into my car and drove to the studio when I got out there was paparazzi and they were asking questions about Justin, tour but I just ignored them and walked to the 7th floor I walked in the door and it was scooter sitting at the table I walked by him and say down

Scooter: hey hannah

Hannah: hey scoot

Scooter: ready

Hannah: ready for what

Scooter: for some other news 

Hannah: yea what do you mean

Scooter: okay I know that you and Justin don't get along at all but you have to open up for him on one of the shows 


Scooter: you have to Hannah

Hannah: you now what fine I'm not gonna argue but tell him not to say one word to me okay

Scooter: okay I will

We got everything discussed and where leaving tomorrow and I'm having my own bus and I'm gonna be going on tour for him and I'm going to be an opening act for his shows 

Hannah: Scooter bye I will see ya tomorrow

Scooter: alright bye

I walked out and got into my car and went home and went straight to packing and then after I was done I went to bed 


I woke up and changed into some clothes and put on some makeup and shoes and grabbed my bags and stuff and went outside to my car got in and went to where the tour bus was parked when I pulled up I went right to scooter so I didn't have to see Justin I got my stuff and walked to where Scooter was standing 

Hannah: hey Scooter 

Scooter: hey Hannah 

Scooter helped me with my stuff and we sat it in my tour bus once we where done I got on my bus and just laid down because I was kinda tired and I needed a little nap 

3 hours later 

I woke up to the bus stopped so I walked off the bus to see what we where doing I walked inside the building and saw Scooter I walked up to him 

Hannah: hey scooter

Scooter: hey Hannah

Hannah: where are we

Scooter: the arena 

Hannah: oh okay 

Scooter: yeah you need to start vocal warmups in about 3 hours

Hannah: okay

I walked away until I heard people calling my name I turned around and saw Ryan and Chaz they started running torward me Ryan picked me up and spun me around and hugged me and then Chaz picked me up and twirled me around 

RyanandChaz: we have misses you so much 

Hannah: I have missed you guys to

RyanandChaz: do you wanna chill together today

Hannah: sure 

RyanandChaz: alright let's go talk around the arena 

Hannah: okay

Ryan Chaz and I walked around the arena until Simone started tickling me I turned around and it was Ryan he started tickling me to the ground 

Hannah: Ryan stop hahahahaha

Ryan: not until you say I love Ryan

Hannah: fine I love Ryan 

Ryan stopped ticking me but was carrying me around the arena we finally got torwards the stage someone was practicing Ryan walked closer carrying me and then I noticed it was Justin so then I told Ryan to put me down and kissed my cheek and let me down Justin just stared at me and Ryan and Justin gave Ryan a dirty look I started walking away and I wanted to go outside to get some fresh air and frist I had to go down some stairs and then I opened up this door backstage and there was a butch of beliebers outside they all started screaming and I just covered my ears  some started crying I went over to some girls and they where just rude they said what are you doing your not even a good singer I just I ignored it but then they did it again they said you broke Justin's heart that wasn't even it they also said you weren't even a cute couple all those things broke my heart I tried to hold in the tears but I couldn't I starting running back inside and I ran back up the stairs and I bumped in to someone I looked up and I really didn't want to talk to him it was Justin and I just walked away and ran to the bathroom Justin was running after me but I got in the bathroom and closed the door and just say on the seat and cried I think you could hear me cry but I didn't care they really hurt me Justin was banging on the bathroom door and I didn't care he is the person I don't want to talk to I just sat there I didn't care I could here Justin Talking 

Justin: Hannah I love you so much but I have to start getting ready for my concert it's gonna start soon I really don't want to leave you but I got to go get ready before Scooter gets mad so I'm gonna go get ready

I was so glad that Justin had lefted me alone I didn't care if he went to go get ready I wanted him to leave so I could go get ready myself even think didn't want to preform tonight oh well so I got to my dressing room and started getting ready

* hey guys hope you like this chapter it's kinda long I will post tonight if you want *


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