More than friends

Hannah and Justin have been friends since birth they really are bestfriends but they said they would never fall in love but one day it might have changed there minds read more to find out.


4. I'm sorry



 Hannah's pov


i woke up the the sound of bacon and pancakes i ran downstairs and my brother Tristan was making someone 

Tristan: good morning 

Hannah: good morning felt

i slowly walked to the counter top until i someones arm around my shoulder i looked up and just smiled at my bro 

Tristan: Hannah don't worry about him you will find someone who loves you 

Hannah: thanks Tristan

i ate some bacon and went back upstairs to dress i put on a skater shirt and a crop top the

i went in the bathroom and straightened my hair and put on some lightly makeup and i just grabbed my phone and went downstairs i decided to take my mind off of things i would just ride around on my long board

Hannah: hey Tristan i'm gonna go ride my long board for a little while

Tristan: okay be safe

Hannah: i will

i walked out the door and i started riding it around the shops until i bump into someone i was now on top of this guy he was cute i have to admit but he looked younger than me

Hannah: i'm so sorry i didn't see you there

?: its okay 

he got up and smiled a bit

?: what's your name might i ask

Hannah: Hannah what's yours

?: mines Austin Mahone

Hannah: oh nice to meet you Austin 

Austin: you too Hannah 

i started walking away until someone grabbed my wrist i looked who it was and it was Austin

Austin: um before you go can we like hangout

Hannah: sure i would love that

for some reason i felt like i could tell Austin everything i walked beside him and he put his arm around my shoulder i smiled a him and he winked at me

Austin: so what do you want to do 

Hannah: anything really 

Austin: okay well how about i take you to  get go get ice cream and the we can stop by the lake   

Hannah: Austin i would love that

3 hours later 

me and Austin where siting on the bench by the lake and i had a really good time with him he made me feel like  tingly i was kinda falling for him hard

Austin: hey Hannah well you know how i'm a singer well where having this music industry party tonight and i wanted you to come with me

Hannah: aw Austin i would love to

Austin hugged me

Hannah: what time is the party 7:00

i looked at the time and it was 5:00 

Hannah: crap we better get ready i need  time to get ready 

Austin agreed and he took me in his car

Austin: bye Hannah see you in a couple f hours and  i will pick you up

Hannah: okay bye Austin see you soon

he waved and i waved back  

i walked inside the house and told my brother what was going on and i ran up the stairs to get ready i grabbed a dress out of my closet and it was a blue fit dress it hugged my body then i put on my nude high heels curled my hair a bit and i did my makeup with smokey eyes and some pink lipstick then i heard the door bell ring i walked down the stairs to see Austin he so dressed so hot he had on a white v neck and purple supras and jeans he looked me up and down

Austin: Hannah you look absolutely beautiful

Hannah: and you look handsome

he smiled and grabbed my hand i said goodbye to Tristan and we got in the car 

10 minutes later...

Austin: alright where here

Austin went around the car and opened the door for me

Hannah: aw thanks 

Austin:  no problem

i smiled and we intertwined our hands together and walk up to the front door this guy answered it and said come in me and Austin walked into the house there were so many people there i  imediatly thought about Justin what if he is here at the party no the look on my face Austin must have noticed he wrapped his hand around my waist and whispered in my ear

Austin: don't worry i got you baby

i smiled at him and while we where walking to the living room i felt like someone was watching every single step i was making i just blew it off and Austin grabbed me to dancing on each other and then we were grinding on each other i was having a really fun time i was laughing and just loved being with Austin i felt like someone was watching me again i turned around and saw the one and only Justin Bieber standing anger and the look of hurt upon his face i turned the other way and grabbed Austin to come i'm outside with me we went over to the swings and i told him every single thing that happened with Justin

Austin: i can't believe he did that to you Hannah you are very beautiful and outgoing i don't see why he would ever try to do that it makes me made thinking about it 

Austin started rubbing my cheek and  looking into my eyes me starting staring at my lips and he started leaning in i started leaning in also and finally he kissed me so solft and with passion sparks blew up when i kissed him i was falling for Austin

Austin: i have been wanting to do that for a while

Hannah: me too 

he smiled and kissed me again before i knew it Justin was outside with Chaz and watching me and Austin i decided to make him a little jealousy  i started sucking on Austins neck and leaving kisses down his neck the Austin started kissing my sweet spot and i started moaning i knew Justin was mad 

Justin just stood there with gritted teeth 

we got up and walked out the door.

* hey loves i hope you like this chapter ily all*


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