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Harry has been away from you for a while and gets back and you go out for a walk... Read more and find out the whole story.


1. The Third Winter

Sorry I made a mistake the about story should actually go like this: She misses him, wishes are shared tears are shead and prayers are said. Hope you like it! :D


It's winter. The third winter. It's been three years. I've been living my own life alone. Without him. Harry Styles; I miss him. I still remember every part of him. His green eyes, his smile, those gorgeous dimples, his curls, EVERYTHING! He's my everything. The only thing that's important to me. In these three years, all that I do is waiting for him. He promised me that he wouldn't leave, he made me believe that he's not like the rest, he's different. I had his purple Jack Wills sweatshirt; i've been keeping it inside my drawer. I haven't worn it since he gave it to me that night; the night when he finally left. It was the only thing left, and it smells like him. As long as I keep it, i'll just pretend... pretend that he's here. That he... that he never left, that i've never lost him. I often take his sweatshirt and holding it... i'll pretend that I was holding him, in my arms. I'll be doing that everytime i'm sick of my life, everytime I need someone to hold when my hopes begin to fade, everytime I feel so alone. "Life goes on babe" he said to me one day, he was smiling through his tears. I lost my mom, she died in a car accident. And he was there; he tried to calm me down, he hugged me tight like he'd never let me go. "There are a lot of people out there who love you as much as your mom did" he said, his voice cracking. And I was believing him, i'll always believe every word he said. "I do,andd i'll never leaave you" he hugged me tighter. But he broke his promise, he's gone, he left me. That night... it was one in the morning, he was in my house, we were watching movies, and we were happy. But I was stupid, I was acting like a child; a stupid child. I was hungry. And he wanted to order pizza for me, but I refused it. "Let's go for a midnight walk" I had said to him. He was thinking and I kept yelling at him about how great it'd be. "Baby it's 2am. I don't want any bad things to happen to you" he said. His voice was smooth and caring, he was so lovely. "Are you scared?" I asked. Starting to tease him, I knew he can't stand it if someone's teasing him. "Yes babygirl, i'm afraid that something bad will happen to you." he siad. "Come on Styles, it's just twenty minutes walk from here" I begged. He shook his head. "Please?" "I'm sorry" he mumbled. "Fine, let's just sit here and act like stupid cowards" I mumbled. He smiled, "Fine let's go" he said. He looked a little unsure We went outside and started walking. It was freezing. We walked side-by-side. He put his arm on my shoulder. "It's cold outside, huh?" he smiled his cheeky smile looking at me. "Luckily this little princess didn't bring any jacket" he laughed. I love to hear his laugh. It was beautiful. He stopped walking, and gave the purple sweatshirt that he wore to me. Yes the same sweatshirt that I kept until now. "It's freezing, you have to wear it" he said smiling. "Thank you." I said kissing his cheek. We kept on walking. "Are you still scared?" I asked teasing him once more, "it's okay little boy, i'll protect you" I said laughing at him. "No babygirl. I will protect you." He said being so cheeky. Then I saw a kitty on the road, I walked to the little kitty. "No babygirl wait!" I heard Harry scream. I heard the sound of a car horn and then my vision became blurry...... And here I am, looking at his grave, wishing that I could go back in time and change everything. He kept his promise. He protected me. He protected this stupid little girl and sacrificed his own life. I wish that I didn't act so stupid that night, I wish that I never asked to go for a midnight walk, I wish that I agreed when he said no, I wish that I never begged him that night, I wish that I didn't see that kitty, I wish that Harry didn't save me that night. So that i'd die and never feel this suffer of missing him this much. I wish that it was just a dream and i'll wake up soon, I wish that i'll wake up with his arms around me; sleeping peacefully, I wish that it never happened, I wish I wish I wish...! But it all happened the fate that I can't change, the fate that I hate so much. Harry is a caring person and I need him in my life. But why did God take him away from me? God knows that I need Harry more than he needs him. So why? Why did he take Harry away? I cry, cry, and cry. I just love him so much, and it hurts, I can never let him go, I can't, I just can't..... I can't forget you when you're gone you're like a song that goes around in my head........ And how I regret, it's been so long, oh what went wrong? Could it be something I said? Time make it go faster or just decide to come back to my happy heart......... Maybe this is just a dream that seems all too real!?



Hi my name is Jade and this is my first chapter so no hate please. If you don't like it just back off! If you like comment. Thanks for your cooperation, and enjoy! :D    I f there are mistakes please comment and let me know. Thank you loads! :)

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