Playa Boii

Beatriz moved from Holmes Chapel to London for High School.She was a bad girl back then thats why she left her home.
She starts a new life but then meets Niall.She may be mean to him.But then does she fall for him?
She thinks that his a player.Is he...?


8. Chapter 8:

Niall's POV:

"Heyy Triz,Triz wake up were here,beautiful!" I whispered in her hear.

"W-What?" She mumbled.

"Were here at Splash Town.Te lads and girls are at the entrance waiting for us!"

"Ughh kay im tired already." She said as I grabed her hand to take her out of the car.

"Believe me when I saw that you won't be anymore with this hot sun shining,cool fresh water,the fun,and ou favorate snac around!" I exclaimed cheering her up.I knew she ate a lot lke I do.But how doesn't she gain weight?Luck girl.

"Yeahh whatever you say Nialler." She smiled.


"Hey haven't seen ya'll in a while!" Mitzy eclaimed a us.

"It was just one night and a half!" Betty said.

"Well it was long time though." Evelyn said hugging her.The lads and I started walking towards the entrance to pay.The girls wee behind us talking about what had they done.After I payed, which was 600 pounds in total,Harry pulled me out and said,

"Dude I suggest you not to play with Beatiz.She's very good at revenge." He said.

"Hey it's ok lad.To be honest i kind of like her,but i refuse to cause i don't want my heart to get broken,again.So i want someone else heartbroken so i can let this anger out." I said.

"But don't use her she's gonna be very mad and will get her revenge what ever it takes to.She has broken out guys before like that."

"Don't worry mate I got it under control." I said walking back with everyone else.

"Well i warned you."


"Okaay so let's put our stuff in here." Beatriz said.We put our stuffe of big pool.The size of an arena,cause there was a stage in the front.It says that there would be a band play later on at 6:00.

I saw Beatriz take he shorts and tanktop off.Damnn I just stared at her bitting and licking my lips.She had a neon orange bikini.

"Hey look away!" She shouted.

"I can't...your beautiful." I shook my head snapping out of my dreamland as she blushed.Harry and Mitzy were smooching already in their suits.Evelyn and Louis were in line for the big water slide which was like 19 feet all.Lizbeth and Zayn were at the snack bar getting Icee.

"Wanna go to the Brain Drain?" I aske her as she put sunscreen and her sunglasses.

"Yeah let's go,but let me put you some sunscreen." She sad rubbing some on my arms and back.I moaned a lil not to loud.

"Hahha shut up Niallerr!" She laughed.

"It just feels so good you touching me."I smiled at her.She smiled and shook her head playfully.


We had so much fun.We ate with everyone else at this restaurant and ate other junk food.

Beatriz and I spend mo of he time waling with something to eat.We have so many thin gs in common.She eats alot,she's carefree,and she plays soccer like I do.I just love her but Ughh i can't stop this feeling.


Beatriz's POV:

Niall's has been thinking alot.But he looked happy then upset then kind of mad.But why?I don't know but im going to find out later.

Sunset was starting so we met the other's at the spot where we left our stuff.

"Hey let's go already im so tired." I whined.

"Ughh your such a lazzyy old ass!!" The girls shouted.

"Yeahh party pooper!" Louis shouted smiling.

"Ughh whatever then me and Niall wanna leave right?" I asked tightened his arm.

"Uhh...yeahh im tired too!" He exclaimed.

"Finee !ya'll 2 leave were gonna stay here till 7 or 8." Zayn said.

"Kaay byee talk to ya'll later tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yeahh kay byee!" Mitzy shouted.


"Where do we go,babe?" He asked smiling at me evily.

"Ohh where do you think? I asked smiling evily at him.

"To your apartment and sleep...?" He asked excitedly being sexy.

"Um maybee..."I said putting my hands on his chest turning him on.He bit his bottom lip and we kissed for a while.

The drive back home was silent and I fell asleep cause I was so tired.Before going to sleep,I was thinking if i could trust Niall now.I love him and i can but im not sure about having sex with him yet.I feel like its too soon and he might leave me.But his eyes are shouting at me that he won't.

But then I decided that yes i might be his.And I want him to e mine too.But i was thinking the negative.If he decides to leave me,he would not believe what's coming.


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