Playa Boii

Beatriz moved from Holmes Chapel to London for High School.She was a bad girl back then thats why she left her home.
She starts a new life but then meets Niall.She may be mean to him.But then does she fall for him?
She thinks that his a player.Is he...?


7. Chapter 7:

Niall's POV:

I really enjoyed spending time with Beatriz.She's so not a boring conversation girl.She has tons of things to talk abpout that I get interested.Im liking a her a bit more,but I ca't this feeling that i might get hurt again.

"Watcha thinking about,Nialler?" She asked putting her elbow on the table and putting her chin on her hand.

"Um...nothin...just that your pretty cool." I said shyly.

"Well thank you!" She laughed.

"So what do you think? Going to Splash Town with the lads and girls or staying at home watching movies all bored with them?" She asked looking straight a my blue eyes.I liked it when she looked at me interested.Ughh what am i saying?!

"Um...Let's go to Splash Town!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Well Splash Town it is.Yoy text or call the lads and I text the girls Okaay?" Sheasked pulling her iPhone out.

"Sure,babe."I winked.She smiled and rolled her eyes playfully.


I texted this to all of them,

"Heyy lads Beatriz and I are inviting the girls and ya'll to Splash Town so meet ya'll there at 2:00! Kaay and BTW my plan i working ;) xx"

They all texted 'be there' and 'kaays'


"Ready to go,love?" I asked smling at her.

She blushed and said,

"Yeah let's go to my apartment and then to your flat kay?" She asked when we were at the car bluckling our seatbelts.


"Stop calling me that you crazy mofo!" She exclaimed playfully.

"Crazy Mofo?....Um i like it,Crazay Mofo 2!" I said tickling her.We laughed so loud that I let out a big snort sound.

"Hhaaaahhaaa Nialler snorted!!" She laughed and pointing at me.

"Shut up Bettyyyy! Let's go not nmight wanna belate.It's so hot outside and even more with you here."I winked.She blushed,I smiled and started driving to her apartment.


"Okaay be back in 5 mins."She said running inside.I nodded and pulled out my phone.I lived alone too in a apartment cause i ran away from all the bad things back home.My parents agreed with me.

Soon I saw my beautiful Beatriz running with her Aeropostale shoulder bag,short shorts,neon blue tanktop,and blue sandals.She must have her bikini under.Can't wait to see it!

"Sorry it took so long."She said getting in the passenger's seat.

"Really?You took like 2 minutes!" I exclaimed.

"Hahaa well okay whatever drive!" She laughed,I smiled and shook my head.My ride home was 5 minutes.

"Okay be back in seconds!" I rushed inside got a towel,clean clothes and shoes.I put some long shorts and a tanktop.I was gonna splash shirtless to impress Beatriz with my abs.

Harry and Mitzy were gonna bring the igloo with the drinks,Beatriz and I are paying,and Zayn and Lizbeth were gonna bring the snacks and sunscreen.Louis and Evelyn were going to bring the things you laid down when your at the beach in stuff i dont know whats it called.

"Hey ready.Are you,beautiful?" I asked her.She smiled proudly at my face and turned red,

"Yeah let's go Niallerr!" I smiled at her and winked.The drive over there was like 2 hours.She fell asleep when we were at the middle of the Freeway.I quickly turned tolook at her.She looked so like an angel.I don't want to hurt her but what if he might?

I don't know I turned bak my eyes on the road and smiled.

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