Playa Boii

Beatriz moved from Holmes Chapel to London for High School.She was a bad girl back then thats why she left her home.
She starts a new life but then meets Niall.She may be mean to him.But then does she fall for him?
She thinks that his a player.Is he...?


6. Chapter 6:

Niall's POV

I was glad I asked her to be my girlfriend.Now she culd be mine any minute.But I was thinking,that she's actually a good person.I think Im starting to like her more,but i can't love again.I know that some day my heart will break again.But I think I her.

I woke up to t sound of birds singing and the sunlight.I felt my arms around someone's waist.I looked up and saw Beatriz sleeping peacefully in my arms.She looked like a very fine and cute angel.I am very lucky to have her.

"Hey babe wake up let's go eat breakfast and go out." I said kissing her face.She made a frown face but when I started kissing her she sat up and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Okaaay!" She said excitedly.She went to the restroom and changed.I put my jeans and a my tight red polo shirt.She came out of the restroom with a neon pink tanktop and a short lace top with the tanktop,and tight black skinny jeans with pink heels.Her hair natural straight and long.Damnn didn't she look beautiful.

"Wow,you look beautiful,babe.Let's go to..?" I asked her.

"Um...Waffle House!" She exclaimed.I smiled and drove over there.


Beatriz's POV:

He sure was hot in tight polo shirts.We drove to Waffle House through the freeway and the tunnel.I love passing through the tunnel.I always used to stand back at the truck and put my hands up high and let the wind hit my body.I used to do that when I went out with the girls and back home...

"Hey watcha doin',babe?"Niall asked as i was getting to the back and opening the lil window.

"Just somethin that i missed doin."I said standing up and let the wind hit my face.I screamed a the excitement as Niall lauged at me.This brings me many memories.At the end of tunnel I went back in the passenger's seat.

"Why you do that?" Niall asked looking at me.

"Just memories and a thing I do." I said smiling like an idiot.

"Haa well that's cute."He winked.I blushed and kept driving over there.


"I would like some chocolate chip waffles,orange juice,hash brown,eggs,and bacon plzz." I said excitedly.I was so damn hungry today.

"I would like the same but coffee too and a french toast."I looked at him with disbelef or shocked.

"We're both fatasses!" I said play punching him.

"Ouch that hurts so nad can u heal it?" He asked making his cute doggy face.I smiled,bit my lip,and kissed his cheek.

We ate our breakfast and talked about what we should do today and if we could invite the girls and lads.His actually a very good clown.I think im actually in love...

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