Playa Boii

Beatriz moved from Holmes Chapel to London for High School.She was a bad girl back then thats why she left her home.
She starts a new life but then meets Niall.She may be mean to him.But then does she fall for him?
She thinks that his a player.Is he...?


1. Chapter 1:

Beatriz's POV:



I quickly sat up and punched the alarm's button.I went to restroom,brushed my teeth,and put music Drake music.I just love rap music.

I pulled out a pink loose shirt that showed a lil of my shoulder with a white long necklace,rotten blue jeans that had pearls on the pockets,and pink Toms.I did my mascara,eyeliner,and eyeshadow.I straightened my hair,put jewerly on,and grabbed my bag and phone.I went downstairs,grabbed an apple,and got on my Blue Corolla car.

I'm going to high school in London.My parents and brother live in Holmes Chapel.My brother is 12 yeas old while im 18 years old.They told me to go to High School in here cause back at home i used to get in lots of trouble.So they told me to fresh up here in London.I live in a small apartment and I only have 5 more month til the school year ends

I parked my car and met Mitzy,Lizbeth(Bibi),and Evelyn at the front door.


"Hey wazzap guurl? Guess what?!" Mitzy shouted in my face.I just rolled my eyes and asked in a annoyed voice,

"What now?" I wasn't really in a good mood today.

"We have a new kid today his from Ireland." Lizbeth said excitedly.

"And his hot!" Evelyn said bittin her bottom lip.

"Ohh well whatever let's go to class."



~1st period~


"Okaaay class we have a new student today his from I reland and his nameis Niall Horan." Mrs.Garcia said.Then a tall boy with blond hair and ocean blue eyes came in.He was like 5'7 inches tall.

"Welcome Niall." The class said.


"Okaay Niall go sit by..."


Plzz dont say me dont saaay meee!!

"By Beatriz.And she's going to take you to classes and everything." I just frowned and blew air out my mouth removing my bangs from my face.

He nodded and sat down next to me.He smiled proudly and winked at me.What the hell?

*Riiiing* 1st period was over and I met Lizbeth,Evelyn,and Mitzy on the water fountain.


"Hey what's up with that angry face of yours?" Mitzy asked.

"Ughhh the new kid.He had to sit next to me and i have to take him to classes."

"Ohh my god your so lucky!" Bibi exclaimed.

"What th -" I started but then Evelyn said,

"His comiiiing."

I turned around and he was running towards me.

"Hey gotta show me aroung,love."He smiled and winked.

"It's Beatriz and Byee girls see ya in lunch."I waved and turned back to Niall.

"What ya have next?" I asked.

"Math and you?''

"With Mr.Dan."

"Well me too." I quickly took his paper and saw that we had all classes together even gym.

"Ughh this waay." i frowned.He did a quick proud smirk at me and i just rolled my eyes.


I had to deal with until 4th period until lunch...

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