This isn't Girl Scout Camp


I am the one person who really REALLY shouldn't be here. I am the offspring of the Greek Gods with a slight... okay MAJOR problem
.......Lets see if she can survive the Titan Wars........


2. What is this place


My head was throbbing in pain, I winced slightly. I fluttered my eyes open. A small brown dusty fan swirled hot air lazily.

"What happened?" I said out loud.

"You were attacked, I-we saved you." I jumped and put a hand over my heart when I saw the black haired person from before leaning on the rooms doorfame. I glanced around the room it was small like a room in a hospital, I was on a gurney dusted floated being moved by the fan. The circular window illuminated the small particles. He was tall and took up most of the door, his orange shirt read 'Camp Half-blood', a leather bracelet was on his wrist that had some blue mark I couldn't see, he was tan and had a sharp jaw bone that dark black hair brushed in a messy flip almost, from under the black bangs illumonesent sea green eyes looked at me. They were the blue of the seas you saw in the Carribean and tropical water. A girl could lose herself in them, and that wouldnt be a problem.

"Let me rephrase that then, WERE am I?" I sat up and looked at him narrowing my eyes. He pushed off the door way and sat in a metal chair closest to the bed.

"Camp Half-Blood, Now drink this." He handed me a chilly glass of what looked like a black smoothie.

"There isnt a rats chance in hell thats happening." I pointed a finger at the vile looking glass.

"Oh yes it is, You want answers? Drink the glass and you'll get them" He pointed out.

"You know my Step-mom warned me about taking drinks from strange men that show up in my room." He looked slightly shocked but it wore off quickly and he laughed a little. He looked amused before he answered.

"Im Percy, Percy Jackson. And this isn't your room." He pointed out.

"Well than Percy, I'm still not drinking that and your still strange to me." I retorted with a withering glance. He glanced into the glass and sniffed it.

"Smells like chocolate." My mouth instantly watered, Did I mention Im a chocoholic? I looked painfully at the glass but thought better of it.

"Still don't know you do I?" He smiled easily and smiled at me his dimples deepened. Well the heavens should just strike me down now. He leaned back into the chair.

"I suppose not, Im Percy, I live on and off in New York my favorite color is blue. My mom makes blue food, I love the water and I promise I won't hurt you. Will you drink it now so I can take you to Chiron?" He looked amused at my thoughtful face.

"Whose Chiron?" I asked glancing between him and the glass.

"Camp director, and this would move faster if you drink the elixar"

"Wait, You said it was a elixar, should I be conserned?"He rolled his eyes.

"No it will heal you, and I will have Grover hold your mouth open and pour this down your throat if you dont hurry."

"Well thats nice." I combed my waist length hair over my right shoulder and fixed my shirt. I held my hand out. He lightly shoved the glass in my hand. I spun the contents and watched them slosh around the glass. I grimaced and held my nose with one hand and took a sip. A warm chocolate taste heated my taste buds and rushed down my throat. Percy laughed at my expression turning form revolt to complete love. I polished off the glass in 5 gulps. I felt a warm heat tingle all over me My headache stopped. I stood almost knocking Percy off his chair. I ran my hands all over me looking for injuries. I laughed nervously.

"What did I just drink?" He thought for a moment

"Its ambroise in a glass. Its the food of the......" I cut him off my historian part of me kicking in

"Gods. The Greek Gods in specifically. It was thought to heal any injury but no mortal could ingest it without burning up. Wait Im dead arn't I and this is just a weird hell?" Percy looked slightly shocked.

"Uh, No your not dead. Its deffinatly time to talk to Chiron....." Percy ran his hand through his black hair, causing it to stick up slightly. He started to walk out of the room and stopped at the door.

"Well are you coming No Name?" He asked jokingly. I followed and brushed past him I turned my head.

"I have a name, its Andromeda Troy. Call me Roma or Mia. I like Mia better."

"Mia" he said testing my name. I nodded and we smiled shyly at each other. He began to walk down the hall. He told me it was the infirmery. A man about Percy's height (6') both men towered over my 5'6  frame. He had blonde hair, sky blue eyes and a rope like scar running from his eyebrow to chin.

"Hey Percy, Ready for Capture the Flag?" The did they bro hug I never understood

"Yeah Luke," He nodded towards me, I tucked my hair behind my ear as Lukes eyes floated to me.

"Im Luke , of the Hermes Cabin. New here what house?" He held his baseball mitt sized hand at me. He smiled at me, I smiled back slightly and shook his hand

"Im Mia Troy. Um yeah Im new I just woke up actually...Percy was taking me to see Chiron" He smiled wider.

"Well Mia, I will be seeing you than, You'll be moved into my cabin until your claimed." I nodded like I knew what was going on.

"Okay, I guess I'll be seeing you later..." I said lightly. He moved past us and walked down the hall I looked back over my shoulder and so did he. Our eyes met and he smiled, I smiled back. Percy looked at me curiously but quickly let it fall and went back to a stone face.

"To the Big House we go" He opened the door and held it for me.

"To the Big House." I said unsurely. Outsides natural light blinded me then everything came into view......

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