This isn't Girl Scout Camp

I am the one person who really REALLY shouldn't be here. I am the offspring of the Greek Gods with a slight... okay MAJOR problem
.......Lets see if she can survive the Titan Wars........


1. Well this is fun




The earth shaking footsteps, well if you call them foot steps belonged to a giant thing.     It was a bronze and looked like a upright bull, but instead of melded body it looked like plates and fire or lava under it. I was running and my hair was whipping in my face, the sound got louder and closer. I started to sprint towards the woods. The tree branches scratched my face and my feet flew over the uneven earth. My foot caught on a tree root upturned by a recent storm, I tumbled head over heels down the hill, shredded throught the underbrush feeling the small shrubs tear through my clothes. I finally stopped by slamming into a tree. I couldn't move, every part of my body hurt. The stomping grew louder and louder, I tried to push my self up. My muscles twitched and my limbs became jello in the pain. The fire bull came crashing throught the trees, bellowing steam as it charged at me. I rolled out of the way as its huge body crushed were I just was. The bulls large hand batted me, I soared through the air suddenly air-borne. Smashing into the ground with a loud smack. I groaned in pain as black spots danced in my vision. My face was buried in the earthy smelling dirt. I tried to move forcing out the pain. The bull had deattached itself from the tree and was now above me ready to pick me up and crush me to death. Then I reconized what it was, it was a Tauroi Khalkeoi or a Automatronic Bull. It was made by the Greek God.... Thats not possible! It can't be! Suddenly my body was jolted up and into a large bronze hand. The meaty fingers began to close. Then I don't really know what happened only that it suddenly disapeared into a large cloud of golden dust that quickly blew away as fast as it came, the bull was gone and I was laying on the ground in a pile of this gold dust. The black spots grew bigger and bigger and my eyes fought to stay open. I vaguely heard voices in the distance.

"Percy, you okay man?!?"

"Yeah Grover, help me lift her shes hurt pretty bad." I lazily looked up into a pair of sea-green eyes with black hair. He appeared to be my age and was very handsome. This guy looking into my eyes is the last thiing I remember before blacking out.

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