My heart in your hands

This is the story of Sam Niall and Harry. Niall dated Sam and broke her heart. Then Harry helped her through it and they fell in love. Read. READ I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!


5. Simon knows

Harry's POV 


Me and Sam were watching TV when Simon came through the door. "What's this?" He aske handing me a magazine. Me and Sam kissing were on the cover. "Sam your coming home with me." He demanded. "But…" she started. "No buts. Get your stuff." She got mad and left. She came down later with her suitcases. I frowned and walked over. I hugged her. "Love you Harry…" she whispered. "Love you too…" I whispered back and then Simon dragged her out. 


Sams POV 


I got in the car and didn't talk. "Why didn't you tell Me? Nialls probably heartbroken you heated on him…" "Niall abused me. Harry didn't. Thank you very much. I hate Niall. I love Harry. So drop the subject." I screamed. We pulled up to the house. "Give me your phone." He said. I rolled my eyes and gave it to him. "Who did that to your eye?" He asked. "Niall." I said and stomped inside. 

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