My heart in your hands

This is the story of Sam Niall and Harry. Niall dated Sam and broke her heart. Then Harry helped her through it and they fell in love. Read. READ I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!


6. Missing you

Harry's POV 


I texted Sam a bunch of times but it said that her phone number was changed. I haven't gotten off of the couch for 3 days. Perrie and Zayn walked in. I jumped up and ran to Perrie. "You need to talk to Sam. Her number was changed and I miss her so much. PLEASE!" I cried. She put a sympathetic look on her face and nodded. She kissed Zayn and then left. 


Perries POV


I got to Sams house and knocked on the door. Simon answered it. "Hi Simon. Can I talk to Sam?" I asked. "If you can get her out of her room." He said and showed me to her room. I knocked in the door. "Sam? It's Perrie. Can we talk?" I said and she pulled me into her room. She looked terrible. I hugged her. Then I got out the box. "Here." I gave her an iPhone. "Harry knows the number. You can talk to him. He's paying for everything." I smiled and her . "Thank you." She said and turned the phone on. She called Harry. "Sam?" I heard. She smiled. "Hi…" she said quietly. "I have missed you so much." I heard Harry say. "I've missed you too. Simon feels really bad about everything. He thought I cheated on Niall. He's just protective of me." She said. "Your his daughter." Harry said. "I know. I can come over. If you want…" "yes!!!" Harry screamed. "Ok ill be there in a few. Love ya." She said and hung up. She did her hair and makeup really fast. Then put on a cute outfit we bought and then dragged me out. "Bye Simon." She screamed and shut the door.

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