My heart in your hands

This is the story of Sam Niall and Harry. Niall dated Sam and broke her heart. Then Harry helped her through it and they fell in love. Read. READ I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!


2. Harry's POV

Harry's POV


I pulled away from Sam and stood infront of her. Niall pushed me out of the way and punched Sam. I got up and went to her. Liam and Zayn pulled him away. "This isn't over you little dick." He screamed and left in a pit of rage. I looked at Sam. She had her hand on her eye. I carefully took it off and looked at her eye. It was red under it. I helped her up and made sure Niall wasn't in the kitchen. Then I helped her inside. I grabbed some ice and gently set it on her eye. She squealed a little but then calmed down. "I'm sorry I kissed you Harry. I needed it though…" I kissed her softly. "It's ok…I liked it. And I like you Sam." She smiled as our foreheads touched. "We'll I obviously like you too otherwise I wouldn't have kissed you." She smiled. I kissed her again but only softly because of her eye and cheek. "I won't hurt you like he did. I promise. You can stay in my room if you want." I smiled at her. She took the ice off of her eye and kissed me passionately. She pulled back. "I'll take that as a yes. Ill go get your stuff out of there." I said and lead her up to my room. She laid on the bed with ice on her eye and I closed the door. I ran into Liam. He had all of Sams stuff. "Thanks." I said and grabbed it out of his hands. I opened my door to see Sam fast asleep. I quietly set her stuff down and covered her with the blankets. I kissed her forehead and laid down beside her. I put my arms around her and fell asleep. She woke up in the middle of the night screaming. I jumped up and looked at her. I put my arms around her and sang in her ear. She giggled quietly. The she turned her head only to start kissing me. We Madeout for a while then it turned into quiet hard sex. The she cuddled up to me and fell asleep. I pulled the blankets over us and fell asleep.

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