The day my life changed

Bo is just your normal everyday girl. Her favorite band is 1D.When she finally saves up enough money to get tickets which just so happen to be V.I.P back stage passes. What will happen when she meets the loves of her life? you'll just have to find out. :) (hope you enjoy)


1. The day it all started

*Bo's P.O.V*

I woke up to  a blinding light coming through my window. It was my mom's way of waking me

me up in the mornings for school. ugh school. i hate it,especially because today is monday

and we are getting ready for our test before the summer. "mom? why can't you just let me wake up like a normal person? with an alarm clock." "Because i know you too well Bo and i know you will just keep hitting snooze until its too late now get up and get ready." uugggh like i said i hate school. I dragged my-self into my bathroom and stared into the mirror i check my self up and down. *thinking inside my own head "you look like you got beat up by your bed and

sleep" as i go through my normal routine) (i finally get to the hell hole they call "school". My mom takes me because my parents still haven't bought me a car......of course) (as i ag on through the long day my friends   alice and jess run up to me screaming when i ask them why they are screaming they say it's

some new band called "One Direction.") "who's One Direction?" (i ask cautiously) they both look at me like i've been under a rock for 24 hours Jess-HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO ONE DIRECTION IS?! Alice-Yeah they are only like the BEst boyband ever!! "How long have they been around?" Alice- they just came out yesterday with a song called "what makes you beautiful!" "ok? so are you going to play them?" (I should have never asked that) (cause after that one song i was hooked!)

    A/N I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT SO FAR (sorry stupid caps lock) but if you guys do like it let me know if not help me and tell me what to change and if there are any suggestions please tell me.

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