The day my life changed

Bo is just your normal everyday girl. Her favorite band is 1D.When she finally saves up enough money to get tickets which just so happen to be V.I.P back stage passes. What will happen when she meets the loves of her life? you'll just have to find out. :) (hope you enjoy)


2. Later that day at home

*Bo's P.O.V still*

I ran straight home to get on youtube and google to find out more about one direction cause like i said I'M HOOKED! i searched and searched and finally found stuff after watching alot of videos and alot of reading i memorized their names and faces. At the time my favorite boy was the one named Harry Styles because he seemed cute and so did all of them but something about him made me smile. *a few months go by and it's finally summer* i have to get a summer job but whatever as long as it means getting paid im cool with it ya know? well it didn't. I had to work on my grandfathers farm in oklahoma. (WHAT A BUMMER) but i guess it was cool cause i learned how to ride a horse. I finally finished there and got to head on our 8 hour drive back home to Texas. One Direction let out some new songs and my favorite is "Gotta Be You" I just can't see how they can hit such high notes and when i try, I sound like a dying seal! That's when my cousin Daisy texted me and asked if i wanted to help raise money to go to their concert in dallas that summer. I was all for it.

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